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Sword and Fairy: Together Forever Achievements

Full list of Sword and Fairy: Together Forever achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Immortality Immortality 0 Archive 70% 100
You Are So Nice You Are So Nice 0 Complete any 20 branch tasks 30
Gourmet Gourmet 0 Have dishes for 30 times 30
Super Cook Super Cook 0 Make 10 dishes 30
Exercise Exercise 0 Successfully clear one jumping game 30
Nice Team Nice Team 0 Use all combos 30
Not bad Not bad 0 Make dishes for the first time 10
God of Gamblers God of Gamblers 0 Successfully pass all card game challenges. 30
Best Listener Best Listener 0 Listen to a complete storytelling in Lulong Town 20
Master Blacksmith Master Blacksmith 0 Enhance for 20 times 30
Wine God's Here Wine God's Here 0 Summon the Wine God 10
No One's Left Behind No One's Left Behind 0 Collect all spirit beasts 50
Close Partner Close Partner 0 Adjust the attributes of spirit beast for the first time 10
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter 0 Destroy all elite monsters 30
Best Weapon Best Weapon 0 Enhance a weapon to the top level 10
Spirit Beast Master Spirit Beast Master 0 All spirit beasts are upgraded to full level 80
Not A Legend Not A Legend 0 Summon all Gods 30
Music Inheritor Music Inheritor 0 Complete the branch task of "Music Inheritor" 30

Secret Achievements

Karma Is Here Karma Is Here 0 Defeat Xiqu 10
Bullfighter Bullfighter 0 Successfully induce Xiqu to hit the stone wall and get stuck 20
Power of Protoss Power of Protoss 0 Defeat Kuiyu 10
Thanks For Your Test Thanks For Your Test 0 Defeat the Spirit Ice Beast 10
Fire Master Fire Master 0 Defeat Hualiu 10
Executioner Executioner 0 Defeat Chiru 10
Zero-Sum Game Zero-Sum Game 0 Defeat Kuiyu for the second time 10
Pass The Test Pass The Test 0 Defeat the Spring Sentry of Duzhang 10
Reunion Reunion 0 Save Mo Nian's soul 10
Follow My Lead Follow My Lead 0 Defeat the Spirit Fire Beast 10
Demon Lord Demon Lord 0 Pass the challenge of Chonglou 30
Destiny Maste Destiny Maste 0 Beat Puppet Mirror and Sword 10
Bring Justice Bring Justice 0 Defeat the Puppets without being executed 20
Dragon Down Dragon Down 0 Defeat strengthened Meng Zhang 10
9+1=0? 9+1=0? 0 Defeat Jiuying 10
I'll Protect You I'll Protect You 0 I'll Protect You 10
Crazy to Survive Crazy to Survive 0 Defeat Aoxu 30
Paean Of Sword Paean Of Sword 0 All stages clear 100
Invincible Invincible 0 Learn all abilities 80