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The Oregon Trail Achievements

Full list of The Oregon Trail achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Oregon Trail has 83 achievements worth 1090 gamerscore

Independence Independence 0 Reach Independence 10
Thief in the Night Thief in the Night 0 Have some supplies stolen 10
Columbia River Columbia River 0 Complete "White Water" with at least 10,000 points 10
You have died of dysentery You have died of dysentery 0 Lose a character to dysentery 10
Skillful Skillful 0 Discover all of your party's skills in a single run in "The Oregon Trail" 10
Robert Newell Robert Newell 0 Complete 1,000 events 10
Bison Bison 0 Collect 1,000 animals 10
The Oregon Trail (2009) The Oregon Trail (2009) 0 Complete 75% of Journal Achievements 10
Winter Winter 0 Complete "Bitter Winter" 10
Rendezvous Rendezvous 0 Complete "Rendezvous" 10
Pawnee Villages Pawnee Villages 0 Complete "Winter Migration" 10
Trail Wildlife Trail Wildlife 0 Complete "The Nature Trail" 10
Trail Mortality Trail Mortality 0 Complete "Oregon or Bust" 10
Antiques Antiques 0 Deliver an antique to Oregon 10
Oregon City Oregon City 0 Reach Oregon 10
Wagons Wagons 0 Complete Journeys with 3 different wagon types 10
Big Blue River Big Blue River 0 Cross the Big Blue River without incident 10
Trail Food Trail Food 0 Consume 1,000 pounds of food 10
Fort Laramie Fort Laramie 0 Discover Fort Laramie 10
Fort Hall Fort Hall 0 Discover Fort Hall 10
Fort Boise Fort Boise 0 Discover Fort Boise 10
Television Television 0 Obtain a score of 15,000 or more 10
Lewis and Clark Lewis and Clark 0 Travel 8,000 total miles 15
John Jacob Astor John Jacob Astor 0 Spend a total of $20,000 15
Pacific Railroad Pacific Railroad 0 Complete 100% of Journeys 15
The Oregon Trail (2021) The Oregon Trail (2021) 0 Complete 100% of Journal Achievements 15
Independence Rock Independence Rock 0 Reach Independence Rock on or before July 4 15
Marcus Whitman Marcus Whitman 0 Complete 20 Route Challenges 15
James Beckwourth James Beckwourth 0 Win against Beckwourth in "Tall Tales" 15
Putting the Band Together Putting the Band Together 0 Hear Lewis Southworth perform with a full backing band 15
Sing-along Sing-along 0 Have a musician play for the rest of the party at a campsite 15
A Good Cause A Good Cause 0 Make sure Lewis Southworth keeps all the money from his performance 15
Play Right Play Right 0 Complete Chauncey's play without making a single mistake 15
Going for Gold Going for Gold 0 Have all 10 Dragoon Medallions at once 15
The Peoria Party The Peoria Party 0 Reunite the Dragoons 15
Douse the Fire Douse the Fire 0 Talk the Gunslinger out of his quest for vengeance 15
Fettuccine Western Fettuccine Western 0 Win all 5 of the Gunslinger's challenges 15
A Fistful of Greenbacks A Fistful of Greenbacks 0 Win $100 or more in total from the Gunslinger's challenges 15
Frail Monument Frail Monument 0 Make sure Little Mary gets a doll for her birthday 15
Making Her Mark Making Her Mark 0 Help Little Mary carve her name into Independence Rock 15
Peppard's Folly Peppard's Folly 0 Successfully fund Samuel Peppard's wind wagon 15
Sail On! Sail On! 0 Travel 500 miles using a wind wagon 15
Flying Like a Bird Flying Like a Bird 0 Have a unique encounter while traveling with a wind wagon 15
Meek as Moses Meek as Moses 0 Survive Lost Hollow 15
Take Your Chances Take Your Chances 0 Successfully complete 5 salvage events in a row 15
Living Despite It All Living Despite It All 0 Complete Lost Hollow with more than 80 survivors 15
Dare Go Hollow Dare Go Hollow 0 Complete Lost Hollow in fewer than 15 days 15
All Your Fish in a Roe All Your Fish in a Roe 0 Catch every trophy fish 15
Give a Man a Fish Give a Man a Fish 0 Trade away a total of 500 pounds of fish 15
Chasing Rainbows Chasing Rainbows 0 Catch a Yellowfin Cutthroat Trout 15
That's a Paddlin' That's a Paddlin' 0 Catch a Paddlefish 15
Performing Sturgery Performing Sturgery 0 Catch a Lake Sturgeon 15
Slippery as an Eel Slippery as an Eel 0 Catch a Pacific Lamprey 15
Midas Touch Midas Touch 0 Collect more than 40 gold nuggets on the California Trail 15
Count Your Fingers Count Your Fingers 0 Use Nitro at least 12 times on the California Trail 15
Gold in the Veins Gold in the Veins 0 Have the party activate Gold Fever 15
You Can't Eat It You Can't Eat It 0 Trade 5 or more gold nuggets for supplies 15
Gold-Fashioned Gold-Fashioned 0 Trade supplies for gold nuggets 3 times on the trail 15
Golden Sunset Golden Sunset 0 Arrive at Sutters Mill in California 15
Cashing In Cashing In 0 Sell at least 25 gold nuggets to an Assayer 15
Fool Me Twice Fool Me Twice 0 Get swindled with Fool's Gold twice 15
Smithereens Smithereens 0 Have the wagon break down as a result of a nitro explosion 15
Sky High Sky High 0 Have a party member killed by a nitro explosion 15
Cooling Down Cooling Down 0 Use medicine to heal a Burned character completely 15
The Real Work Begins The Real Work Begins 0 Have a Prospector character make it to California 15
Follow the Stars Follow the Stars 0 Listen to John Evans's story 15
In the Pursuit of Knowledge In the Pursuit of Knowledge 0 Make a donation to the museum 15
Fact or Fiction Fact or Fiction 0 Become lost while searching for the meteorite 15
Rufus Porter Rufus Porter 0 Complete 15 Contracts 15
Sager Orphans Sager Orphans 0 Collect 25 Gallery items 15
Abigail Scott Duniway Abigail Scott Duniway 0 Collect 50 Gallery items 15
Taking Credit Taking Credit 0 Complete your Individual Goal for the week 15
The Last Spike The Last Spike 0 Help your chosen railroad company claim victory 15
Peperony and Chease Peperony and Chease 0 Leave an epitaph for a character with a custom name 15

The Oregon Trail: Cowboys and Critters

There are 9 achievements with a total of 90 points.

Sob Story Sob Story 0 Witness a squonk 10
Shooting Hoops Shooting Hoops 0 Witness a hoop snake 10
Fish Story Fish Story 0 Witness a Flambeau ambler 10
Back And Forth Back And Forth 0 Witness a filla-ma-loo bird 10
Texas Fever Texas Fever 0 Arrive at Abilene in Kansas 10
Bet the Ranch Bet the Ranch 0 Reach Abilene with excellent cattle condition 10
Behind the Name Behind the Name 0 Meet Jesse Chisholm 10
In Good Taste In Good Taste 0 Cook a cowboy's favorite dish 10
Spice of Life Spice of Life 0 Have a Cook character make a perfect dish 10