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Astronite Achievements

Full list of Astronite achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Astronite has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The stone breaker The stone breaker 0 You defeated Kronch 30
My first thousand My first thousand 0 You got 1000 Shpirti 30
Welcome to Astronite Welcome to Astronite 0 You met The Unkown 15
Improving the improvable Improving the improvable 0 You got your first upgrade 15
I'm curious I'm curious 0 You opened the secret room 30
Spirit Collector Spirit Collector 0 You opened all Shpirti chests 30
No one can stop me No one can stop me 0 You got all the upgrades 70
Go back home Go back home 0 You finished the game 90
Champion of Champions Champion of Champions 0 You won the fight festival 70
This is mine This is mine 0 You recovered your shpirti 15
With all my heart With all my heart 0 You found the lost grave 15
Clear mind Clear mind 0 You solved all the puzzles 30
I'm a hero I'm a hero 0 You finished the game with all the upgrades 90

Secret Achievements

Who is this guy? Who is this guy? 0 You destroyed the Drilling Machine 30
By land and air By land and air 0 You defeated Akepoc and Akepac 30
The Core is close The Core is close 0 You defeated Arthron 30
This guy again... This guy again... 0 You defeated Pacifying Machine 30
Do you like sushi? Do you like sushi? 0 You defeated Kubra 30
Machines are not a problem Machines are not a problem 0 You defeated Khand 30
Welcome back my friend Welcome back my friend 0 You defeated Possessed Yatli 30
Who is the worm now? Who is the worm now? 0 You defeated The Unknown 90
Those wonderful years Those wonderful years 0 You completed all 'Echo' rooms 30
The Unstoppable The Unstoppable 0 You bought the double damage mod 20
We will see ourselves again We will see ourselves again 0 You said goodbye to Balach 30
Sleeping with the fishes Sleeping with the fishes 0 You drowned 90