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Amnesia: The Bunker Achievements

Full list of Amnesia: The Bunker achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Amnesia: The Bunker has 44 achievements worth 1040 gamerscore

Croix de Guerre Croix de Guerre 0 Collected all the other achievements. 50
Munitions Expert Munitions Expert 0 Found the Dynamite. 20
Improviser Improviser 0 Blew open a door with a shotgun. 20
Ratter Ratter 0 Blasted a rat with a shotgun. 20

Secret Achievements

Enlisted Enlisted 0 Found the Adminstrator's office. 20
Gave the All Clear Gave the All Clear 0 Released the emergency lockdown. 20
Signalman Signalman 0 Heard the message on the radio. 20
Toolist Toolist 0 Found the Cutters. 20
Memorialist Memorialist 0 Retrieved the Foreman's dogtag. 20
Explosives Technician Explosives Technician 0 Found the detonator handle. 20
Napoo Napoo 0 Finished the game. 30
Librarian Librarian 0 Retrieved every note. 40
Codebreaker Codebreaker 0 Opened all the lockers. 30
Toot Sweet Toot Sweet 0 Completed the game faster than all developers at Frictional. 40
Nope, c'est trop! Nope, c'est trop! 0 Quit the game right as things got interesting. 20
Cartographer Cartographer 0 Found all the maps. 20
Easy Breather Easy Breather 0 Acquired the gas mask. 20
Flint and Steel Flint and Steel 0 Acquired the lighter. 20
Pack Rat Pack Rat 0 Found all pocket bags. 20
Life Preserver Life Preserver 0 Got the cutters and locked the cell again without the German Prisoner dying. 40
Chaplain Chaplain 0 Discovered the beast's nest in the chapel. 20
Canonnier Canonnier 0 Acquired the shotgun. 50
Toy Collector Toy Collector 0 Acquired the rabbit doll. 20
Beast Master Beast Master 0 Sent the beast back into the screaming darkness. 20
Pit Master Pit Master 0 Burnt a corpse to a nice char. 20
Trickster Trickster 0 Hurt the beast by triggering a trap. 20
Saboteur Saboteur 0 Blew up a door with a barrel. 20
Culinary Specialist Culinary Specialist 0 Used meat to lure rats away from a corpse. 20
Arsonist Arsonist 0 Lit up a fuel puddle. 20
Chemical Weapon Expert Chemical Weapon Expert 0 Used gas on the beast. 20
Got It In One Got It In One 0 Completed the game without saving. 20
Efficiency Expert Efficiency Expert 0 Never dropped nor stored an item. 30
Tinkerer Tinkerer 0 Disarmed a trap. 20
Sentimentalist Sentimentalist 0 Showed the beast the bunny. 20
Toy Fanatic Toy Fanatic 0 Re-acquired the rabbit doll. 30
Scarper Scarper 0 Escaped the bunker. 20
Roastmaster Roastmaster 0 Burnt a lot of dead bodies. 20
Cleithrophobist Cleithrophobist 0 Opened every vent and cut every chain. 20
Cut It Off Cut It Off 0 Blocked the beast's path out of a hole. 20
Extreme Ratter Extreme Ratter 0 Blew up lots of rats with a single grenade. 20
Got Introduced Got Introduced 0 Survived first encounter with the beast. 20
Shell Shocked Shell Shocked 0 Shot at the visions in the tunnels. 20

Amnesia: The Bunker - Halloween Update

Secret Achievements

Revisionist Revisionist 0 Completed the game on a custom difficulty level. 20
In Recovery In Recovery 0 Completed the game on Shell Shock difficulty. 20