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Krampus Kills Achievements

Full list of Krampus Kills achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Krampus Kills has 16 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Snow Globes Snow Globes 0 Collect 10 Snow Globes. 130
Hidden SMG Hidden SMG 0 Find the SMG in the main game. 10
Basement Basement 0 Get to the basement of the house. 10
Toughluck Toughluck 0 Krampus breaks your neck. 10
Maze Maze 0 Get to the big maze. 10
Defeat Krampus Defeat Krampus 0 Defeat the great Krampus. 200
Nice List Nice List 0 Beat the game. 25
Hard mode Hard mode 0 Beat the game on hard. 50
Hard S Rank Hard S Rank 0 Beat the game on Hard and get an S rank. 150
Survive Survive 0 Survive for 15 minutes in survivor mode. 50
Noob Eater Noob Eater 0 Find the super shotgun. 10
Cemetery Cemetery 0 Get to the cemetery. 10
Hospital Hospital 0 Get to the hospital. 10
Defeat the Gate Keeper. Defeat the Gate Keeper. 0 Defeat the gate keeper to the underworld. 25
Defeat Leviathan Defeat Leviathan 0 Defeat the great Leviathan in the secret ending. 200
Hide and Seek Hide and Seek 0 Win a round of hide and seek. 100