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Akka Arrh Achievements

Full list of Akka Arrh achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Akka Arrh has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Student Student 0 You attained the Student level 25
Ultra Golfer Ultra Golfer 0 You are now an Ultra Golfer 25
Maestro Austin Maestro Austin 0 You survived an octave 25
Maestro Virtuoso Maestro Virtuoso 0 You are now a Maestro Virtuoso 40
Atarian Atarian 0 You are now an Atarian 70
Golfer Golfer 0 You got a hole in one 40
Rinsed Rinsed 0 You finished the game! 70
Maestro Baughurtst piano wizard Maestro Baughurtst piano wizard 0 You are now a piano wizard 40
Caned Caned 0 You finished the game in HARD mode, well done! 75
Completist Completist 0 Well done, really well done ! 40
Anorak Anorak 0 You are a proper Anorak now 70
Multiplicity Multiplicity 0 You got Multiplicity, well done! 40
Handy Handy 0 You are really handy 40
Hoarder Hoarder 0 You sure know how to collect bullets 70
Score Blimey Score Blimey 0 Blimey! What a score! 40
Halfway Halfway 0 Halfway there, good job! 40
Rush! Rush! Rush! Rush! 0 You got Rush 70
MMM Egg! MMM Egg! 0 You got an egg now 40
Squeaky Bum Squeaky Bum 0 You have well .. you know what 70
Very Bully Very Bully 0 You are a very good bullets catcher 70