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Full list of CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION has 51 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

My Living Legacy My Living Legacy 0 Unlocked all achievements. 100
Come and Get It Come and Get It 0 Won a battle for the first time. 10
Prove Your Honor to Me Prove Your Honor to Me 0 Performed a limit break for the first time. 10
Got Materia Fusion Down Got Materia Fusion Down 0 Performed materia fusion for the first time. 10
Overpowered Overpowered 0 Dealt 99,999 damage to an enemy. 35
Limit Break Collector Limit Break Collector 0 Obtained all DMW images. 10
DMW Master DMW Master 0 Achieved 100% progress for all DMW. 35
Missions Completed: 25% Missions Completed: 25% 0 Completed 25% of all missions. 10
Missions Completed: 50% Missions Completed: 50% 0 Completed 50% of all missions. 10
Missions Completed: 75% Missions Completed: 75% 0 Completed 75% of all missions. 25
Mission Completionist Mission Completionist 0 Completed 100% of all missions. 95
Shop Completionist Shop Completionist 0 Unlocked all shops. 10
Mail Completionist Mail Completionist 0 Received mail from all senders. 10
Genji Equipment Genji Equipment 0 Collected all Genji equipment. 35
Fan Club Aficionado Fan Club Aficionado 0 Joined every fan club. 10
Master Mako Stone Miner Master Mako Stone Miner 0 Prevented the Materia Room from being shut down. 10
Banora Treasures Banora Treasures 0 Collected all items and arrived at Angeal's house before the Banora airstrike. 10
Everyone's Hero Everyone's Hero 0 Saved everyone calling for help during the assault on the Shinra Building in Chapter 3. 10
First-Rate SOLDIER First-Rate SOLDIER 0 Defeated all virtual data in the Training Room. 10
Precise Restoration Precise Restoration 0 Achieved 100% recovery with the Mako Recovery Unit. 10
Of Significant Worth Of Significant Worth 0 Judged by Hojo to be a "SOLDIER member of significant worth" in the Fusion Chamber. 10
Cell Raider Cell Raider 0 Checked all cells on the 67th floor of the Shinra Building. 10
Wutai's Nemesis Wutai's Nemesis 0 Caught all the Wutai spies that had infiltrated Midgar. 10
Fan Club Savior Fan Club Savior 0 Helped every fan club continue their activities. 10
Seven Wonders Expert Seven Wonders Expert 0 Learned about all of Nibelheim's Seven Wonders. 10
Cage Opener Cage Opener 0 Opened the path to the Cage of Binding. 10
Slicin' SOLDIER Slicin' SOLDIER 0 Cut down every incoming shell. 10
Master Blender Master Blender 0 Blended a perfume with the perfect amount of oil. 10
Bingo! Bingo! 0 Guessed the exact number in the number-guessing game. 10
Godlike Godlike 0 Rated to have "godlike speed" in collecting materia. 10
Shinra's Squats Champion Shinra's Squats Champion 0 Achieved victory against the SOLDIER 2nd Class in the physical fitness test. 10
Master Infiltrator Master Infiltrator 0 Infiltrated the mako excavation facility without being discovered once. 10
Immovable Object Immovable Object 0 Defeated all enemies in Defense of the Junon Perimeter. 10
Zack the Sniper Zack the Sniper 0 Did not allow a single gun bull head to escape while sniping. 10
Waterfall Chaser Waterfall Chaser 0 Collected ten chests coming down the waterfall in the hills of Gongaga. 10
SOLDIER of Legend SOLDIER of Legend 0 Cleared the game in Hard Mode. 95

Secret Achievements

Embrace Your Dreams Embrace Your Dreams 0 Cleared the Prologue. 10
He Wouldn't Betray Us He Wouldn't Betray Us 0 Cleared Chapter 1. 10
We're Not Monsters We're Not Monsters 0 Cleared Chapter 2. 10
Angels Dream of One Thing Angels Dream of One Thing 0 Cleared Chapter 3. 10
Where Did Everyone Go? Where Did Everyone Go? 0 Cleared Chapter 4. 10
Protect Your SOLDIER Honor Protect Your SOLDIER Honor 0 Cleared Chapter 5. 10
Did Genesis Really Die? Did Genesis Really Die? 0 Cleared Chapter 6. 10
I May Abandon Shinra I May Abandon Shinra 0 Cleared Chapter 7. 10
I'll Come Visit I'll Come Visit 0 Cleared Chapter 8. 10
We'll All Be Heroes We'll All Be Heroes 0 Cleared Chapter 9. 10
Thanks to You, Zack Thanks to You, Zack 0 Cleared Chapter 10. 35
Hero of the Wutai War? Hero of the Wutai War? 0 Received highest evaluation from Lazard for Assault on Fort Tamblin. 10
Midgar Full of Flowers Midgar Full of Flowers 0 Constructed every flower wagon type. 35
Good Match For Aerith Good Match For Aerith 0 Told by Bruno that you and Aerith "make a good couple." 10
Divine Rule Broken Divine Rule Broken 0 Defeated Minerva. 100