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Beholder 3 Achievements

Full list of Beholder 3 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Beholder 3 has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A new Carl, a new Janitor! A new Carl, a new Janitor! 0 Start a new Game 25
Seems familiar Seems familiar 0 Install your first camera 25
One does not simply walk into... One does not simply walk into... 0 Break into an apartment for the first time 25
Need something? Need something? 0 Buy something from the Black Market Trader 25
Say my name! Say my name! 0 Have drugs in your inventory. 25
Cake is no lie! Cake is no lie! 0 Receive cake from Walter as a gift 25
Mama bear Mama bear 0 Get to know Lotte Altmann 25
Welcome to the ministry Welcome to the ministry 0 Gain access to the ministry 25
Oh shiny! Oh shiny! 0 You can read and write, right? 50
Aaaand it's gone! Aaaand it's gone! 0 Shred File 313 25
Computer says NO! Computer says NO! 0 Interact with the Server for the first time 25
Go away from here! Go away from here! 0 Warn Walter Bullhauser 50
Camp Grenada Camp Grenada 0 Put up a flag. 25
There's Evil Afoot! There's Evil Afoot! 0 Find the pistol in the bush 50
State-of-the-art State-of-the-art 0 Get to know Stephen Huberts 25
For the Nation! For the Nation! 0 Write reports about 5 people 25
Problem solved Problem solved 0 Pay the ransom for Sabine 100
Dark Soul Dark Soul 0 You died. 50
Multipass! Multipass! 0 Gain access to all ministry floors! 25
Good Deal! Good Deal! 0 Do business with Magnus Hermann 50
Passport to Freedom Passport to Freedom 0 Help Elisabeth Weckert to flee 100
Reliable Father Reliable Father 0 Pay for the operation for Alex 100
Happy Wheels Happy Wheels 0 Do not pay for the operation for Alex 50
Unemployed Unemployed 0 Don't pay the ransom for Sabine 50