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Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition Achievements

Full list of Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

UFO UFO 0 Make de Shield hover around Asta for 10 seconds 37
The Wall The Wall 0 Defend from a projectile during the wall slide 37
You are special You are special 0 Kill 5 enemies in a single Special Atack 37
Gotta Go Fast Gotta Go Fast 0 Kill the Passing Onslaught (the flying enemy inside the Cataclism) 37
Don't Step On The Grass Don't Step On The Grass 0 Defend the shot that creates a lotus in the Wanderash boss with the shield 37
Is this a Dog? Is this a Dog? 0 Pet the dog 37
She is not here She is not here 0 Complete Modigard Main Terminal 37
I won't give up I won't give up 0 Complete Warden's Sanctuary - Promenade 37
The time will not fade The time will not fade 0 Complete Warden's Sanctuary - Historical Area 37
Clouds and Concrete Clouds and Concrete 0 Complete Downtown - Commercial District 37
Steal Will Steal Will 0 Complete Downtown - Scrapyard District 37
Angel Angel 0 Complete Mt. Runa - Hospital 37
I will find you I will find you 0 Complete Mt. Runa - The Edge of the Dome 37
The end is nigh The end is nigh 0 Complete Dome of the Cataclysm 37
When tomorrow come When tomorrow come 0 Complete Escape from the Dome 37
Hope Hope 0 Find the Sprout 37
Extra! Extra! Extra! Extra! 0 Find the Newspaper 37
No present No present 0 Find the Ribbon 37
I understood that reference I understood that reference 0 Find the Book 37
Astral Observatory Astral Observatory 0 Find the Telescope 37
New Kids on the Block New Kids on the Block 0 Find the Poster 37
Now you see me Now you see me 0 Find the Glasses 37
Swan Song Swan Song 0 Find the Microphone 37
I had one of this I had one of this 0 Find the Stuffed Bear 37
Paper picture Paper picture 0 Find the Frame 37
Law and Order Law and Order 0 Find the Police Cap 37
Turn! Turn! Turn! Turn! Turn! Turn! 0 Find the Globe 38