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Smile For Me Achievements

Full list of Smile For Me achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Smile For Me has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Goodie Two-Shoes Goodie Two-Shoes 0 Satisfy a habitician 20
Nosey Posey Nosey Posey 0 Find every diary page 85
Hired Gun Hired Gun 0 Hit Ronbo with a golf ball 20
Tiny, Feathery Man Tiny, Feathery Man 0 Grip a Y’owl for Borbra 20
One Man’s Trash One Man’s Trash 0 Discover a hidden sweetheart 20
Dentist for a Day Dentist for a Day 0 Clean Kamal's teeth 20
Crown-ing Achievement Crown-ing Achievement 0 Get a very high score at Whack-a-Molar 30
Master Photographer Master Photographer 0 You really went and did it, huh? 30
Friend of Clowns Friend of Clowns 0 Unlock the Carnival 30
Who's There? Who's There? 0 Unlock the Lounge 30
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune 0 Unlock the Terrace 30
Pesky Bee Pesky Bee 0 Satisfy 15 habiticians 30
Flower Brat Flower Brat 0 Satisfy every habitician 85
True Anarchist True Anarchist 0 Find an alternative route 30
Good Neighbor Good Neighbor 0 Help a friend in need 30
Out of Quack Out of Quack 0 Dispose of the Duck 30
Pursuit of Quackiness Pursuit of Quackiness 0 Find the Duck's true owner 30
Life of the Party Life of the Party 0 Accept a smooch 30
Heartbreaker Heartbreaker 0 No thank you ma'am 30
Teeth. Teeth. 0 The secret’s out... 30
The way back home The way back home 0 Escape the Habitat 85
Residual Melancholy Residual Melancholy 0 Leave unfinished business at the Habitat 85
Smile For You Smile For You 0 Some crimes can’t be forgiven. 85
Flower Friend Flower Friend 0 Forgive and forget. 85