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Grounded - Title Update 1.0 Achievements

Full list of Grounded - Title Update 1.0 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Grounded - Title Update 1.0 has 9 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Gotta Peep Them All Gotta Peep Them All 0 Unlock every Creature Card 50
Mini Mix-a-lot Mini Mix-a-lot 0 Defend all of the MIX.Rs and Super MIX.Rs 50
Go Big Go Big 0 Grow big again! 200
Super Win Super Win 0 Grow big again and score 100% on the end game Report Card 200

Secret Achievements

Raisin Man Raisin Man 0 Find Dr. Wendell Tully 100
Tighty Whities Tighty Whities 0 Kill the Mant 100
Assassin Assassin Assassin Assassin 0 Kill the Mantis 100
The Best Part of Waking Up The Best Part of Waking Up 0 Successfully brew the Embiggening Cocktail 100
Ominent Schmominent Ominent Schmominent 0 Foil Director Schmector 100

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