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BROK the InvestiGator Achievements

Full list of BROK the InvestiGator achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

BROK the InvestiGator has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Chapter 1 completed Chapter 1 completed 0 Finish Chapter 1 30
Chapter 2 completed Chapter 2 completed 0 Finish Chapter 2 30
Chapter 3 completed Chapter 3 completed 0 Finish Chapter 3 30
Chapter 4 completed Chapter 4 completed 0 Finish Chapter 4 30
Chapter 5 completed Chapter 5 completed 0 Finish Chapter 5 30
Chapter 6 completed Chapter 6 completed 0 Finish Chapter 6 30
Ads Fan Ads Fan 0 Get all the game ads to unlock an extra scene 50
Main Endings Main Endings 0 Get all the main game endings to unlock an extra scene 100
Secret Locker Secret Locker 0 Translate the game language and find the code to unlock the locker 50
Summary Filled Summary Filled 0 Uncover all the nodes in the summary 100
Master of Mattresses Master of Mattresses 0 Jump on every bed 30
The World Is My Doormat The World Is My Doormat 0 Jump on every desk and/or table until it triggers NPC dialogue 30
Food Thief Food Thief 0 Steal food whenever possible (outside of fights) 30
Worst. Investigator. Ever. Worst. Investigator. Ever. 0 Attempt to hit every character in the game at least once (outside of fights, Tribots and regular rat 30
Bear Cop Bear Cop 0 Print R.J.’s picture with the identikit 10
Toilets Tormentor Toilets Tormentor 0 Harass the man in the potty over the 3 days 10
Sugar Pills Lover Sugar Pills Lover 0 Buy all the medicine in the pharmacy 30
Paw Music Paw Music 0 Play the piano for 10 seconds by walking on it 10
Highway Survival Highway Survival 0 Survive more than 10 seconds on foot on the highway 10
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Play from the beginning and reach an ending without beating any enemy in direct combat (tutorial exc 100
Pushy, pushy Pushy, pushy 0 Keep pushing characters around in the laboratory 10
Chipmunk Chipmunk 0 Drink the water from Dr Mink’s sink too many times 10
It's In My Nature It's In My Nature 0 Make Brok Swim for 10 seconds in the swamp in Shay's Garage 10
All Materials All Materials 0 Find all the materials Shay needs 30
Your Days Are Numbered Your Days Are Numbered 0 Have Brok's health evaluated at the pharmacy 10
Hard To Wake Up Hard To Wake Up 0 Wake up a key character by jumping on them several times 10
Tramp Saver Tramp Saver 0 Keep the Tramp alive for the whole game 70
Best Student Best Student 0 Get a better final score than Klay 50
Introduction completed Introduction completed 0 Finish the game introduction 30