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House Flipper 2 Achievements

Full list of House Flipper 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

House Flipper 2 has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Bullseye Bullseye 0 Throw a trash bag into a bin from 10 m. 10
Full house Full house 0 How many Bessies are there? 10
I'm an architect! I'm an architect! 0 Building from the ground up is so much fun. 10
That was a lot That was a lot 0 No stain can hide from you. 40
Mount Everest Mount Everest 0 Cover a distance of 8848 m with a paint roller. 10
You did it! You did it! 0 And that's the whole story. 60
Business is booming Business is booming 0 House flipping at its finest. 40
Everything matches Everything matches 0 Use the Flipper tool to copy and paste the item style 5 times. 10
Change of environment Change of environment 0 Why sell a house when you can move in? 10
Déjà vu Déjà vu 0 This job looks very familiar… 10
Hello? Hello? 0 Catch up with an old friend. 10
Charming talker Charming talker 0 It's good to know who you work for. 40
Full control Full control 0 Connect 20 items to 1 switch and turn it on. 10
I'm grateful I'm grateful 0 Find Reva's lost journal. 10
Don't try this at home! Don't try this at home! 0 Spray an electrical outlet while cleaning. 10
Custom PC cooling Custom PC cooling 0 Put a laptop in the fridge. 10
Fully prepared Fully prepared 0 Unlock all tools in Story Mode. 40
The Fast and the Cleanest The Fast and the Cleanest 0 Finish a job in less than 5 minutes. 10
Change of mind Change of mind 0 This color looked better in the store. 40
It ain't that easy It ain't that easy 0 Someone's trash isn't always another's treasure. 10
Work smart, not hard Work smart, not hard 0 Who said an outdoor bin has to be outside? 10
With great power… With great power… 0 Unlock all perks. 60
Trick shot Trick shot 0 Throw a trash bag into a bin 3 times in a row. 10
Marathon runner Marathon runner 0 Cover a distance of 42 km. 40
Pinnacove Suburbs Pinnacove Suburbs 0 No job in the suburbs can be left unfinished. 40
Crayfish Coast Crayfish Coast 0 Everything on the coast seems more fun, even jobs! 40
Coralroot Forest Coralroot Forest 0 A job can't hide even in the deepest forest. 40
House hoarder House hoarder 0 I keep them out of sentiment. 10
The tables have turned The tables have turned 0 Someone has to make a mess for someone else to clean. 10
World's Best Flipper World's Best Flipper 0 Unlock all achievements. 100
As instructed As instructed 0 Assemble 1 item. 10
Tinkerer Tinkerer 0 You really love assembling items, don't you? 40
First steps First steps 0 It's just the beginning. 10
They come and they go They come and they go 0 Sell 5 houses. 60
Millionaire Millionaire 0 Earn your first 1,000,000. 60
Money sink Money sink 0 Spend your first 1,000,000. 60