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Rhythm Sprout Achievements

Full list of Rhythm Sprout achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rhythm Sprout has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Journey Begins The Journey Begins 0 Cleared the first level. 20
Saved the Vegetable Kingdom Saved the Vegetable Kingdom 0 Finish the Main Story. 80
Saved King Brock’s Tax Reports Saved King Brock’s Tax Reports 0 Finish the Side Story. 80
Now What? Now What? 0 Clear All Bonus Levels. 70
Gotta Go Fast Gotta Go Fast 0 Clear 10 Levels in Turbo Mode. 30
Planting The Seed Planting The Seed 0 Clear 5 Levels in Random Mode. 30
Southpaw Southpaw 0 Clear 5 Levels in Mirror Mode. 30
STARS STARS 0 Get 50 Stars. 30
Hits For Kids Hits For Kids 0 Get your first CD. 20
DJ DJ 0 Get 10 CDs. 20
Collector Collector 0 Get 25 CDs. 30
Congratulations! Congratulations! 0 Hit 20 Trap Notes in one level. 20
Groundhog Day Groundhog Day 0 Listen to the same loop over and over again. 20
Perseverance Perseverance 0 Die several times in a row. 20
Cutting It Close Cutting It Close 0 Get one of the Target Scores in any level (no more, no less). 30
Fashionista Fashionista 0 Get to the finish line with every unlockable skin. 70
Drippin’ Drippin’ 0 Wear an unlockable skin for multiple levels. 20
Cinema Buff Cinema Buff 0 Rewatched a cutscene multiple times. 20
Jahn Teigen Jahn Teigen 0 Answered YES on every question at least once. 20
Pessimist Pessimist 0 Answered NO on every question at least once. 20

Secret Achievements

Rory and Jess 4ever Rory and Jess 4ever 0 Defeat Count Arelle. 30
Listen To Your Mama Listen To Your Mama 0 Defeat Candy Mama. 30
Evil Vanquished Evil Vanquished 0 “Defeat” King Sugar Daddy. 30
Nobody’s Perfect Nobody’s Perfect 0 Defeat K-FLOW. 30
JUSTICE JUSTICE 0 Defeat The Power Peppers. 30
Should Have Paid Those Taxes Should Have Paid Those Taxes 0 Defeat Mrs Chili. 30
Whoops! Whoops! 0 Be very interested in Sugar Daddy’s story. 30
Fun In The Dungeon Fun In The Dungeon 0 Fall through Count Arelle’s trap door. 20
Fun In The Dungeon 2 Fun In The Dungeon 2 0 Your love of trap doors knows no bounds. 20