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Iris and the Giant Achievements

Full list of Iris and the Giant achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Iris and the Giant has 16 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Tiny Lightning Tiny Lightning 0 Achieve Tiny Lightning challenge 60
Cerberus Cerberus 0 Achieve Cerberus challenge 60
Baby Minotaur Baby Minotaur 0 Achieve Baby Minotaur challenge 60
Mimic Mimic 0 Achieve Mimic challenge 60
Hunter Hunter 0 Achieve Hunter challenge 60
Skeleton Skeleton 0 Achieve Skeleton challenge 60
Sad Skeleton Sad Skeleton 0 Achieve Sad Skeletong challenge 60
Cat thief Cat thief 0 Achieve Cat Thief challenge 60
Tiny fire Tiny fire 0 Achieve Tiny Fire challenge 60
Baby Snake Baby Snake 0 Achieve Baby Snake challenge 60
Fire Bat Fire Bat 0 Achieve Fire Bat challenge 60
Tiny Cyclop Tiny Cyclop 0 Achieve Tiny Cyclop challenge 60
Baby Boar Baby Boar 0 Achieve Baby Boar challenge 60
Bat Bat 0 Achieve bat challenge 60
Sleeping Cyclop Sleeping Cyclop 0 Achieve Sleeping Cyclop challenge 80
Wide Mouth Wide Mouth 0 Achieve Wide Mouth challenge 80