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Bendy and the Dark Revival Achievements

Full list of Bendy and the Dark Revival achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Bendy and the Dark Revival has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Avid Worker Avid Worker 0 Show Too Much Dedication 10
Armed and Ready Armed and Ready 0 Find Your First Weapon 10
The Insane Reader The Insane Reader 0 Seek Out The Writings of Joey Drew 25
Familiar Faces Familiar Faces 0 Reveal A Very Old Friend 25
The Ink Provides The Ink Provides 0 Maximize Your Dark Potential 25
Gent's Finest Gent's Finest 0 Create The Ultimate Weapon 25
Plaything Plaything 0 Locate The Toyman's Secret 10
The Well of Voices The Well of Voices 0 Pick Up All Audio Logs 25
Written In Ink Written In Ink 0 Read All Memos 25
Self Discovery Self Discovery 0 Collect All Memories 25
Ink Master Ink Master 0 Complete The Game Without Dying 25
Cartoon Madness Cartoon Madness 0 Complete Chapter One 50
Rubberhose Nightmare Rubberhose Nightmare 0 Complete Chapter Two 50
Thrills and Spills Thrills and Spills 0 Complete Chapter Three 50
Timeless Remains Timeless Remains 0 Complete Chapter Four 50
To The Darkest Reaches To The Darkest Reaches 0 Complete Chapter Five 50
Studio Starter Studio Starter 0 Complete The Game on Easy 50
Studio Scrapper Studio Scrapper 0 Complete The Game on Normal 50
Studio Breaker Studio Breaker 0 Complete The Game on Hard 100
Socialite Socialite 0 Be A First Time Party Pooper 10
The Demon's Dismay The Demon's Dismay 0 Survive 25 Ink Demon Attacks 25
The Fancy Foodie The Fancy Foodie 0 Collect 100 Pieces of Food 25
A Butchered Decision A Butchered Decision 0 Complete The Game 50
Back To The Puddles Back To The Puddles 0 Banish 25 Enemies 15
Heavy Hitter Heavy Hitter 0 Defeat 25 Enemies With Shock Pipe 15
Crawling Killer Crawling Killer 0 Defeat the Crawling King 25
The Master's Pen The Master's Pen 0 Complete The Main Story 50
Did You See That? Did You See That? 0 A Very Random Occurance 5
The Ritual The Ritual 0 Clean Up The Exhibit 10
Time To Reflect Time To Reflect 0 Take Some Time For Yourself 10
It Stinks It Stinks 0 You Should Really Just Relax 10
Next In Line Next In Line 0 Defeat the Ruler of the Lower Realm 25
Welcome To The Studio Welcome To The Studio 0 Meet Up With An Old Friend 10
Banish The Darkness Banish The Darkness 0 Obtain The Banish Power 10
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Spend 500 Slugs 25