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Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 Achievements

Full list of Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Archer Archer 0 Cleanly win a face off. 5
Shut Out Shut Out 0 Prevent the opposition from scoring in a game. 10
Range Finder Range Finder 0 Score a goal from over 30 yards. 10
Poster Boy Poster Boy 0 Hit the post with a shot. 5
Medic Medic 0 Score while a man down. 15
All Over It! All Over It! 0 Win a game on All American difficulty. 10
Hat Trick Hero Hat Trick Hero 0 Score three goals in a game with one player. 15
Double Lacrosse Double Lacrosse 0 Score a goal after faking out the goalie. 25
Over Possessive Over Possessive 0 Score a goal without the opposition touching the ball. 20
Chaingang Chaingang 0 Score a goal after linking 20 passes in the attacking half. 50
Showman Showman 0 Score a goal with all shot types in a single game. 90
Back Scratcher Back Scratcher 0 Score 10 goals with behind the back shots. 15
Checkmate Checkmate 0 Steal the ball 50 times with a stick check. 10
Poleaxed Poleaxed 0 Score 50 goals with a long stick. 15
Well Travelled Well Travelled 0 Win a game at every stadium. 10
Peak Performer I Peak Performer I 0 Reach User Level 5. 5
Peak Performer II Peak Performer II 0 Reach User Level 20. 10
Peak Performer III Peak Performer III 0 Reach User Level 50. 25
TKO TKO 0 Knock over 50 players with body checks. 20
Pike Position Pike Position 0 Score 50 goals with diving shots. 20
...and ReLAX ...and ReLAX 0 Win 100 games. 40
Pass Master Pass Master 0 Complete 1000 passes in any game mode. 40
Net Buster Net Buster 0 Score 1000 goals in any game mode. 40
Challenger Challenger 0 Complete all three challenges in a casual game. 30
Going to Plan Going to Plan 0 Complete all game objectives in a career game. 20
Pro Selection Pro Selection 0 Get drafted by a Pro League team. 50
All American All American 0 Get drafted to play in an All Star game in career mode. 70
Star Man Star Man 0 Win game MVP 10 times as a player in career. 70
Initial Success Initial Success 0 Reach the tournament finals series in career mode. 15
Company Man Company Man 0 Complete a season objective in career mode. 40
Coaching Legend Coaching Legend 0 Win 5 Championships (College or Pro). 60
Championship Pedigree Championship Pedigree 0 Have your character win a Pro Championship as a player and then as a coach. 100
Prometheus Prometheus 0 Create a character in the Academy. 15
Community Worker Community Worker 0 Create and share a team in the Academy. 20
Credit Where Credit's Due Credit Where Credit's Due 0 Defeat the Big Ant team then view the entire credits sequence. 5