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Horace Achievements

Full list of Horace achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Horace has 58 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Big thumbs up Big thumbs up 0 Complete all other achievements. 100
Top of the class! Top of the class! 0 Completed basic robot training. 10
First time outdoors First time outdoors 0 Venture out of the mansion. 10
Fire and rescue Fire and rescue 0 Rescue the family from the burning house. 10
Do Androids dream? Do Androids dream? 0 Of dead Old Men? 10
Ginger Tom Ginger Tom 0 Return the blind man's cat. 10
Neat and Tidy Neat and Tidy 0 Use the power gloves to tidy up the village hall. 10
Killing Machine Killing Machine 0 Defeat the under house boss. 10
Lots of small problems Lots of small problems 0 Defeat the Nanobot boss. 10
Percussionist Percussionist 0 Learn to play the drums. 10
Prison break Prison break 0 Spring Logan from prison. 10
Family reunion Family reunion 0 Reunite with Heather and the Old Lady. 10
Clear the Decks Clear the Decks 0 Kidnap Mr Deck from the TV studio. 10
Life is a state of mind Life is a state of mind 0 Go on a most excellent adventure with the Professor. 10
Wonderland! Wonderland! 0 Meet up with Alice and Sim. 10
Gardening time Gardening time 0 Defeat the Earth boss. 10
Blowing in the wind Blowing in the wind 0 Defeat the Air boss. 10
Water way to go Water way to go 0 Defeat the Water boss. 10
Flame off! Flame off! 0 Defeat the Fire boss. 10
Brain storming Brain storming 0 Defeat the Ether boss. 10
Out of this world Out of this world 0 Travel to the secret moon base. 10
I am the champion I am the champion 0 Win The One Tournament. 10
Bell 222 Bell 222 0 Defeat the helicopter boss. 10
Game over Game over 0 Complete the game. 20
Spider-robot Spider-robot 0 Climb walls with the Shoees for the first time. 10
Cleaning Virgin Cleaning Virgin 0 Clean up your first thing. 10
Cleaning Beginner Cleaning Beginner 0 Clean 1000 things. 15
This is the age This is the age 0 Take your first train ride. 15
Consumer Consumer 0 Buy an item from a shop. 15
A ton A ton 0 Earn £100 from jobs, junk yards and other winnings. 10
Weary of life Weary of life 0 Die 1000 times. 15
Insert coin Insert coin 0 Play an arcade game. 15
Postie Postie 0 Help to sort the post. 15
Alreet, pet! Alreet, pet! 0 Help to make bricks. 15
Dry spell Dry spell 0 Help to wash dishes. 15
Cartographer Cartographer 0 Complete the auto map by visiting every room in the mansion. 30

Secret Achievements

Mercy, merci Mercy, merci 0 Save the Man in Black. 20
Trial by fire Trial by fire 0 Don't save the Man in Black. 20
Mission complete Mission complete 0 Reach the end of the game having cleaned one million things. 50
Cleaning Master Cleaning Master 0 Clean 10000 things. 15
Cleaning Professional Cleaning Professional 0 Clean 100000 things. 30
Cleaning Wizard Cleaning Wizard 0 Clean 1000000 things. 30
Trainspotter Trainspotter 0 Watch a train arrive and leave at any station. 15
Shopaholic Shopaholic 0 Buy all possible shop items. 30
Bag of sand Bag of sand 0 Earn £1000 from jobs, junk yards and other winnings. 15
Loaded Loaded 0 Earn £10000 from jobs, junk yards and other winnings. 30
Lick of paint Lick of paint 0 Find an alternate title screen skin. 15
Gallons of paint Gallons of paint 0 Find all the alternate title screen skins. 30
It's a secret! It's a secret! 0 Find a secret room in the mansion. 15
Top secret! Top secret! 0 Find all the secret rooms in the mansion. 30
Games master Games master 0 Get the high score on all the arcade games. 30
Cor-blimey trousers Cor-blimey trousers 0 Empty 10 bins. 15
Slam dunk Slam dunk 0 Score 100 baskets in total. 15
Unbuttered fingers Unbuttered fingers 0 Catch 200 objects. 15
Mode 7 Mode 7 0 Read 15 teletext pages. 15
Avoid the blame Avoid the blame 0 Get the kids blamed for shop lifting. 15
Quack quack Quack quack 0 Push all the rubber ducks into the water in the Laundry Room. 15
Hacker Hacker 0 Run the BASIC program everybody knows and loves... 15