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Romancelvania Achievements

Full list of Romancelvania achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Romancelvania has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Toy Soldier Toy Soldier 0 Smashed 3 of the rides in the mall 5
Drinking Problem Drinking Problem 0 Fed on all the Production Assistants 25
Cursed Genie Cursed Genie 0 Vess joined the cast 10
Jersey Devil Jersey Devil 0 Brocifer joined the cast 10
Ex Hottie Ex Hottie 0 Medusa joined the cast 10
Switch Witch Switch Witch 0 P.S. Elle joined the cast 10
Raging Succubus Raging Succubus 0 Ilessa joined the cast 10
Seductive Rival Seductive Rival 0 Sol joined the cast 10
Fancy Manwolf Fancy Manwolf 0 Fenton joined the cast 10
Angelic Nemesis Angelic Nemesis 0 Your rival joined the cast 10
The Dead Pirate The Dead Pirate 0 Robert joined the cast 10
Siren Empress Siren Empress 0 Leira joined the cast 10
Yummy Mummy Yummy Mummy 0 Nefret joined the cast 10
Elder God Elder God 0 Lulu joined the cast 10
Wish Granted Wish Granted 0 Invited Vess on a special date 20
All Along The Shore All Along The Shore 0 Invited Brocifer on a special date 20
Ex No More Ex No More 0 Invited Medusa on a special date 20
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie 0 Invited P.S. Elle on a special date 20
Hurts So Good Hurts So Good 0 Invited Ilessa on a special date 20
Brooding Vamps Brooding Vamps 0 Invited Sol on a special date 20
Howling Good Time Howling Good Time 0 Invited Fenton on a special date 20
Ain't Talkin' Bout Love Ain't Talkin' Bout Love 0 Invited VH on a special date 20
Bodybuilding Bodybuilding 0 Invited Robert on a special date 20
Part of Your World Part of Your World 0 Invited Leira on a special date 20
Into the Mystic Into the Mystic 0 Invited Nefret on a special date 20
Cosmic Cutie Cosmic Cutie 0 Invited Lulu on a special date 20
Double Dates Double Dates 0 Completed 2 special dates 50
Moving On Moving On 0 Drac got back in the game 100
Duality Duality 0 Completed the game as Male and Female Drac 100
Golden Hour Golden Hour 0 Unlocked everything 100
Krampus Krampus 0 Gave 5 gifts 5
Krampus' Revenge Krampus' Revenge 0 Gave 50 gifts 25
Krampus 64 Krampus 64 0 Gave one perfect gift 20
Flames Flames 0 Every cast member has joined 20
The BATchelor The BATchelor 0 Been on 13 types of dates 30
Trickster Trickster 0 Tried every Trick 20
Double Digits Double Digits 0 Drac reached level 10 10
Double Double Digits Double Double Digits 0 One cast member has reached level 10 10
Crack-a-lacka! Crack-a-lacka! 0 Shattered at least 1 crystal of every type 5
Pieces of Flair Pieces of Flair 0 Unlocked every Flair 15
Three Sum Three Sum 0 Met the first 3 cast members 5
Unhuman Resources Unhuman Resources 0 Defeated Dick 10
Smashing Pumpkinks Smashing Pumpkinks 0 Defeated Pumpkink 10
Know It All Know It All 0 Outwitted the fat dragon 10
Packing Heat Packing Heat 0 Defeated The Glocktopuss 10
Dying of Love Dying of Love 0 Defeated The Phantom 10
Bow Down Bow Down 0 Defeated the Flying Spaghetti Monster 10
Dinner for Three Dinner for Three 0 Went on 3 dinner dates 10
Bottoms Up! Bottoms Up! 0 Bought 6 drinks 20
Just a Taste Just a Taste 0 Fed on first Production Assistant 5