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McDROID Achievements

Find all the McDROID achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 18 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

A FISTFUL OF STRAWBERRIES A FISTFUL OF STRAWBERRIES 0 You harvested your first strawberries, now a word of encouragement from our sponsor Somanto. 50
THE FIRST HEALING THE FIRST HEALING 0 The first planet nodule is healed. 50
TRIAL BY SPAWNER TRIAL BY SPAWNER 0 You survived volcanoes, Spawners and dodged their offspring. Planet was right to chose you. 50
NO MORE BABY TALK NO MORE BABY TALK 0 Planet is healing, now her cognitive abilities are re-emerging... pfuuu. 50
BASETOPIA BASETOPIA 0 You deployed mobile power nodes. Now don't you go break our level designs. 50
FULLY OPERATIONAL FULLY OPERATIONAL 0 From itty bitty doggy robot, to rail upgraded mobile battle station, give us a roar. 50
CAPTURED MUTAGEL VAT CAPTURED MUTAGEL VAT 0 You guiltlessly destroyed the SOMANTO "Tower of Terror" and captured a Mutagel Vat. 50
HEALED THE PLANET HEALED THE PLANET 0 You have healed your planet and she is happy now. But for how long... 50
CAPTAIN PLANET CAPTAIN PLANET 0 You have finished McDROID in normal. Do you want to try Challenge? 50
FIRST NIGHTMARE FIRST NIGHTMARE 0 You have achieved the impossible and won ONE nightmare level. 50
STRAWBERRY PIGGY STRAWBERRY PIGGY 0 You farmed 1000 strawberries in one level of the campaign. 50
FIREFIGHTER FIREFIGHTER 0 With ninja-skills you've flipped all your turrets out of harms way - in CHALLENGE. 50
TOUGHTANIUM UNDERPANTS TOUGHTANIUM UNDERPANTS 0 SOMANTO's anabolic seem to be working for you. You have finished the game in Challenge. 50
UZUMAKI DESKA ? UZUMAKI DESKA ? 0 You survived The Spiral for 50 waves of vertigo inducing madness. 50
CHLOROPHYL ALLERGIES CHLOROPHYL ALLERGIES 0 Completed "Anti Bliss" without a single bliss engine or redwood. 50
ALL NIGHTMARE ALL NIGHTMARE 0 The SOMANTO agents knocking at your door agree. 50
ANTI-SOMANTOISM ANTI-SOMANTOISM 0 You have purchased no turret in Challenge mode. 100
FRIEND OF NIKOLA FRIEND OF NIKOLA 0 You have completed a level buying and using only Tesla coils. 100