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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Achievements

Full list of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has 64 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Children’s Trial Children’s Trial 0 Complete Chapter I. 55
Aberration Purified Aberration Purified 0 Complete Chapter II. 15
Into the Fury Into the Fury 0 Complete Chapter III. 15
Shatter the Evil Shatter the Evil 0 Complete Chapter IV. 15
Sink or Swim Sink or Swim 0 Complete Chapter I without dying. 15
Hard Earned Allies Hard Earned Allies 0 Complete Chapter I and II without dying. 15
Trial By Fire Trial By Fire 0 Complete Chapter I, II and III without dying. 15
Flawless Victory Flawless Victory 0 Complete Chapters I, II, III and IV without dying. 15
Proven Initiate Proven Initiate 0 Reach level 30. 15
Seasoned Fighter Seasoned Fighter 0 Reach level 60. 15
Death Marching Death Marching 0 Reach level 90. 15
Well Supplied Well Supplied 0 Unlock all tabs in your personal chest. 15
New Mythologies New Mythologies 0 Fully level a single skill. 15
Closer to Genesis Closer to Genesis 0 Collect your first legendary item. 15
Neophyte Collector Neophyte Collector 0 Collect your first unique item. 15
Whispers in the Concordat Whispers in the Concordat 0 Reach level 30 without dying. 15
Nightmares in the Republic Nightmares in the Republic 0 Reach level 60 without dying. 15
Monolithic Myth Monolithic Myth 0 Reach level 90 without dying. 15
Back to Basics Back to Basics 0 Duplicate your first skill. 15
Our Makers and Killers Our Makers and Killers 0 Unlock 40 skills. 15
Wolswag: Lords of Fashion Wolswag: Lords of Fashion 0 Use a dye in every available tint slot of every equipped item. 15
Upscale Darling Upscale Darling 0 Apply a skin to every equipped item. 15
Counterpurge Counterpurge 0 Reach the maximum rank in Wrath of Sarisel. 15
Dawn’s Healing Dawn’s Healing 0 Revive a KO’d player in your group. 15
Gilded Extravagance Gilded Extravagance 0 Fully equip with only legendary items. 15
Warming Up Warming Up 0 Defeat 500 Underling-tier enemies. 15
Bloodslick Bloodslick 0 Defeat 5,000 Underling-tier enemies. 15
Wanton Slaughter Wanton Slaughter 0 Defeat 20,000 Underling-tier enemies. 15
Acts of Misery Acts of Misery 0 Defeat 100,000 Underling-tier enemies. 15
Punishment Itself Punishment Itself 0 Defeat 100 Specialist-tier enemies. 15
Throatslitter Throatslitter 0 Defeat 1,000 Specialist-tier enemies. 15
Our Favourite Butcher Our Favourite Butcher 0 Defeat 5,000 Specialist-tier enemies. 15
Executioner Among Executioners Executioner Among Executioners 0 Defeat 20,000 Specialist-tier enemies. 15
So Said The Prince So Said The Prince 0 Defeat 20 Champion-tier enemies. 15
As Plague Walks As Plague Walks 0 Defeat 200 Champion-tier enemies. 15
There Follows Death There Follows Death 0 Defeat 1,000 Champion-tier enemies. 15
Who Salts The Earth Who Salts The Earth 0 Defeat 4,000 Champion-tier enemies. 15
Stable Funds Stable Funds 0 Pick up 50,000 Gold with one character. 15
Second Mansion Second Mansion 0 Pick up a million Gold with one character. 15
Every Jewel in the Concordat Every Jewel in the Concordat 0 Pick up 50 million Gold with one character. 15
My Guillotine’s Itchy My Guillotine’s Itchy 0 Pick up 400 million Gold with one character. 15
Renovations Renovations 0 Construct your first building in Champion of Stormfall Mode. 15
City Planner City Planner 0 Construct 5 buildings in Champion of Stormfall Mode. 15
Golden Regency Golden Regency 0 Construct 10 buildings in Champion of Stormfall Mode. 15
Princely Patronage Princely Patronage 0 Build a Wonder in Endgame Mode. 15
Low Level Management Low Level Management 0 Complete your first Operation in Champion of Stormfall Mode. 15
Maritime Commerce Maritime Commerce 0 Complete 10 Operations in Champion of Stormfall Mode. 15
Portuary Command Portuary Command 0 Complete 50 Operations in Champion of Stormfall Mode. 15
Imperial Pretence Imperial Pretence 0 Complete 200 Operations in Champion of Stormfall Mode. 15
Statecraft Statecraft 0 Finish your first Expedition in Champion of Stormfall Mode. 15
Excursioneer Excursioneer 0 Beat a level 70 Operation in Champion of Stormfall Mode. 15
Pathfinder Pathfinder 0 Beat a level 90 Operation in Champion of Stormfall Mode. 15
Republican Conquest Republican Conquest 0 Beat a level 100 Operation in Champion of Stormfall Mode. 15
Primordial Excavations Primordial Excavations 0 Beat an Operation in Champion of Stormfall Mode with at least one map modifier. 15
Total Ascension Total Ascension 0 Unlock all Aspects of Apocalypse. 15
Artificer of Raw Magic Artificer of Raw Magic 0 Consume 3 gems on an item while crafting. 15
Voidcrafting Arcanist Voidcrafting Arcanist 0 Consume 3 top quality gems on an item while crafting. 15

Secret Achievements

Pomp and Circumstance Pomp and Circumstance 0 Defeat the Justicar in battle. 15
Sins of the Flesh Sins of the Flesh 0 Defeat Lambach in battle. 15
Senseless Relapse Senseless Relapse 0 Defeat Heimlock in battle. 15
Vaultmarcher Regicide Vaultmarcher Regicide 0 Defeat Queen Amadalah in battle. 15
Shoot the Caster First Shoot the Caster First 0 Defeat Mistshaper Malikia in battle. 15
Living Ram Living Ram 0 Defeat Big Bertha in battle. 15
Walk Through Fire Walk Through Fire 0 Defeat Ahriman in battle. 15