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Steel Defier Achievements

Full list of Steel Defier achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Steel Defier has 13 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Robotic boots Robotic boots 0 Acquire the robotic boots upgrade. 50
Overcharged magnet Overcharged magnet 0 Acquire the overcharged magnet upgrade. 50
Rotten brain Rotten brain 0 Acquire the rotten brain upgrade. 50
Unstable thruster Unstable thruster 0 Acquire the unstable thruster upgrade. 50
Resonant watch Resonant watch 0 Acquire the resonant watch upgrade. 90
Shield catalyst Shield catalyst 0 Acquire the shield catalyst upgrade. 90
Glimpse of hope Glimpse of hope 0 Escape from your prison cell. 90
Lost in space Lost in space 0 Visit at least 5 different rooms. 50
Tough times Tough times 0 Visit at least 10 different rooms. 70
Well geared Well geared 0 Visit at least 15 different rooms. 100
Smell of freedom Smell of freedom 0 Reach the landing site. 110
Outer space Outer space 0 Escape from the ship. 120
Natural selection Natural selection 0 Collect at least 50 key cards in survival mode. 80