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Steredenn Achievements

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Popcorn Party Popcorn Party 0 Kill 500 fighters. 20
Popcorn Contest Popcorn Contest 0 Kill 2500 fighters. 20
Popcorn Black hole Popcorn Black hole 0 Kill 10000 fighters. 20
Dark Matter Machine Dark Matter Machine 0 Kill 50 enemies. 20
Dark Matter Factory Dark Matter Factory 0 Kill 250 enemies. 20
Dark Matter Industry Dark Matter Industry 0 Kill 1000 enemies. 20
Gunsmith Gunsmith 0 Destroy 100 cargos. 20
I SEE SPY I SEE SPY 0 Kill a spy with the flamethrower. 20
Space Cadet Space Cadet 0 Pick 15 differents weapons. 20
Deep Space Captain Deep Space Captain 0 Pick all weapons at least once. 20
Infinite Battery Infinite Battery 0 Pick all Energy weapons. 20
Bulletmaker Bulletmaker 0 Pick all Bullets weapons. 20
Bay Man Bay Man 0 Pick all Heavy weapons. 20
Squad leader Squad leader 0 Pick all Bots weapons. 20
Solar Knight Solar Knight 0 Pick all Melee weapons. 20
Navigator Navigator 0 Finish the game once. 25
Singularity Singularity 0 Finish the first loop. 50
Gladiator of the Universe Gladiator of the Universe 0 Defeat all the bosses in the Arena at least once. 25
Supernova Supernova 0 Die 50 times. 25
Steredenn Space Program Steredenn Space Program 0 Try all upgrades. 25
ULTRAWARRIOR ULTRAWARRIOR 0 Beat the game using the Blaster only. 50

Secret Achievements

One Small Step One Small Step 0 Destroy a Bomber boss. 50
Giant Leap Giant Leap 0 Destroy a Frigate boss. 50
LASER!$ LASER!$ 0 Destroy a Destroyer boss. 50
A bit closer to Heaven A bit closer to Heaven 0 Destroy a Cruiser boss. 50
They're everywhere They're everywhere 0 Destroy a Carrier boss. 50
The Bullets before the Storm The Bullets before the Storm 0 Destroy a Battleship boss. 50
Kiss Of Death Kiss Of Death 0 Meet the Mothership. 50
The Beginning and The End. The Beginning and The End. 0 Destroy the Mothership. 50
Rebel Rebel 0 Destroy the Nemesis. 100