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AFL 23 Achievements

Full list of AFL 23 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

AFL 23 has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Sing the Song Sing the Song 0 You won a match. 10
Huge W Huge W 0 You won an AFLW match. 10
Ruck'n Great Ruck'n Great 0 You won a centre clearance. 15
Wave the white flags Wave the white flags 0 You kicked a goal. 15
Well Grounded Well Grounded 0 You tackled 20 players to the ground in a single match. 15
Gotta go fast Gotta go fast 0 You scored a goal within 30 seconds of the opening bounce. 15
Coast to Coast Coast to Coast 0 You scored a goal from a kickout from a behind in fewer than 5 disposals. 15
Downtown Downtown 0 You kicked a goal from 60 metres out or further. 15
No Contest No Contest 0 You reached quarter time without the opposition scoring a goal. 15
Turning the Tables Turning the Tables 0 You won a match after the opposition kicked the first 5 goals of the match. 15
Heartbreak Heartbreak 0 You lost a match after leading at three-quarter time. 15
Magnet Mover Magnet Mover 0 You won a match as coach in Management mode. 15
Putting it on the line Putting it on the line 0 You completed a match in any Online mode. 30
Bags of goals Bags of goals 0 You kicked 100 Goals. 30
Season's Greetings Season's Greetings 0 You completed a season of AFL or AFLW in Season or Management mode. 30
On a run On a run 0 You won 10 matches in a row in Season, Management. 30
It gets better! It gets better! 0 You finished in a higher ladder position than the previous season in Management mode. 30
Causing a Ruckus Causing a Ruckus 0 You won 50 centre clearances. 30
Keepings Off Keepings Off 0 You played for 5 real time minutes without the opposition touching the football. 30
The National Sport The National Sport 0 You played a match at a stadium in each state and territory. 60
We gave it 110% We gave it 110% 0 You finished a season with a percentage above 100% controlling a team in Season or Management Mode 60
All-Australian All-Australian 0 You had 5 players from your team selected for the All-Australian team. 100
Truckloads of Goals Truckloads of Goals 0 You kicked 400 Goals. 100
Made the Eight Made the Eight 0 You finished in the top 8 with your club. 100
You're My Rival You're My Rival 0 You defeated your main rival. 100
Premiers Premiers 0 You won the grand final. 100