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Swordbreaker: Origins Achievements

Full list of Swordbreaker: Origins achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Swordbreaker: Origins has 68 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Altronius the Ruthless Altronius the Ruthless 0 Kill Altronius 10
Bandits Bandits 0 Kill the bandits 10
Nyan Monster Nyan Monster 0 Kill the Nyan monster 10
Fisherman Skeleton Fisherman Skeleton 0 Kill the fisherman skeleton 10
Z-man Z-man 0 Kill Z-man 10
One-Legged Horseman One-Legged Horseman 0 Kill the One-legged Horseman 10
Jackie Tyan Jackie Tyan 0 Kill Jackie Tyan 10
Kenny Kenny 0 Kill the cannibal 10
Diane Diane 0 Kill Diane 10
Old Tony Old Tony 0 Kill the farmer 10
Chupacabra Chupacabra 0 Kill the chupacabra 10
Wolves Wolves 0 Kill the wolves 10
Elven Guards Elven Guards 0 Kill the elven guards 10
Lizard Lizard 0 Kill the lizard 10
Amazon Amazon 0 Kill the amazon 10
Werewolf Werewolf 0 Kill the werewolf 10
Xenobug Xenobug 0 Kill the xenobug 10
Huntress Huntress 0 Kill the huntress 10
Yeti Yeti 0 Kill the Yeti 10
Baba Yaga Baba Yaga 0 Kill Baba Yaga 10
Nix Nix 0 Kill the nix 10
Dragon Dragon 0 Kill the dragon 10
Harpy Harpy 0 Kill the harpy 10
Cartbot Cartbot 0 Kill the cartbot 10
Xana Xana 0 Kill Xana 10
Bloodgroove Bloodgroove 0 Kill Lord Bloodgroove 10
Scolopendra Scolopendra 0 Kill the scolopendra 10
Gorgon Gorgon 0 Kill the Gorgon 10
Stefan Stefan 0 Kill King Stefan 10
Riot of the Dead Riot of the Dead 0 Use the skeleton's help 15
Elven Archer Elven Archer 0 Use Chester's help 15
Tailless Killer Tailless Killer 0 Use the xenobug's help 15
Saving Bottle Saving Bottle 0 Use Solomon's help 15
Gentleman Gentleman 0 Give a flower to Baba Yaga 15
Barber Barber 0 Shave the water sprite's armpits 15
Scientific Approach Scientific Approach 0 Use the black hole generator 15
Chemical Attack Chemical Attack 0 Use the flask with chemicals 15
Nuclear Capability Nuclear Capability 0 Use the Z-man's suitcase 15
Good Catch! Good Catch! 0 Return the medallion to the fisherman skeleton 15
Strange Captive Strange Captive 0 Help the captive in the forest 15
A Matter of National Importance A Matter of National Importance 0 Help Jackie Tyan 15
Scientific Breakthrough Scientific Breakthrough 0 Help Diana with the collider 15
Almost Killed Kenny Almost Killed Kenny 0 Spare the cannibal 15
You'll Have Your Harvest! You'll Have Your Harvest! 0 Help the farmer 15
Nice Door Nice Door 0 Help Chester 15
Save Private Solomon Save Private Solomon 0 Help Solomon 15
Strong Woman Strong Woman 0 Help Valkyrie return home 15
He's Got Kind Eyes He's Got Kind Eyes 0 Spare the xenobug 15
What If She's Kind? What If She's Kind? 0 Spare the huntress 15
Don't Touch the Beauty! Don't Touch the Beauty! 0 Spare Jackie 15
Poor Yeti Poor Yeti 0 Spare the Yeti 15
Flying Lady Flying Lady 0 Spare the harpy 15
The Water Element The Water Element 0 Spare the water sprite 15
The Fairy Tale Must Live On The Fairy Tale Must Live On 0 Spare Baba Yaga 15
Run, Forest! Run, Forest! 0 Spare the bandits 15
A Curious One A Curious One 0 Learned more about the world and Daniel from the dialogues 15
Casanova Casanova 0 Enter into a romantic relationship with all the girls 15
Village Detective Village Detective 0 Reveal the farmer's secret 15
Rise of the Dead Rise of the Dead 0 Participate in the resurrection of the dendroid 15
May Toby be with you! May Toby be with you! 0 Complete the goblins' task 15
Brave Hero Brave Hero 0 Finish the game as a Hero 35
Vile Killer Vile Killer 0 Finish the game as a Killer 30
Pathetic Coward Pathetic Coward 0 Finish the game as a Coward 30
King of Elves King of Elves 0 Finish the game with the Elves ending 30
Vampire Lord Vampire Lord 0 Finish the game with the Vampires ending 30
Hunter Hunter 0 Finish the game with the Huntress ending 30
Devil's Servant Devil's Servant 0 Finish the game with the Devil ending 30
The Chosen One The Chosen One 0 Finish the game with the Bloody Sunset ending 30