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Paleo Pines Achievements

Full list of Paleo Pines achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Paleo Pines has 46 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

They Won't Bite They Won't Bite 0 Take the first step in making a dino friend. 5
Saddle Up Saddle Up 0 Get a dino to trust you enough to ride them. 10
Run Forest Run! Run Forest Run! 0 Unlock the Forest region! 25
Diamond In The Rough Diamond In The Rough 0 Unlock the Desert region! 25
New Flav, Who Dis? New Flav, Who Dis? 0 Help Pippin try a new Poppin flavor. 20
Howdy, Rancher! Howdy, Rancher! 0 Meet every inhabitant of Paleo Pines! 10
Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams 0 Collect 10 dreamstones. 10
Pajama Party Pajama Party 0 Collect all the dreamstones! 30
I Am Smol I Am Smol 0 Befriend a tiny dino. 5
Why Can't I Hold All These Dinos!? Why Can't I Hold All These Dinos!? 0 Befriend 10 dinosaurs. 20
OMG RNG OMG RNG 0 Befriend your first Ultra Rare dino! 40
Flavor Of The Month Flavor Of The Month 0 Unlock all Poppin recipes. 20
Three Star Turnip Three Star Turnip 0 Harvest a three star turnip, if there can ever be such a thing. 10
Too Many Potatoes Too Many Potatoes 0 Harvest 100 potatoes in one day. 20
Crop Rotation Crop Rotation 0 Plant a crop in its favorite soil type without using fertiliser. 15
Sharing Is Caring Sharing Is Caring 0 Give a meal you cooked to a neighbor. 20
Dino Expert Dino Expert 0 Register all dino species in the journal! 50
Plant Expert Plant Expert 0 Register all plant and crop species in the journal! 30
Surveyor Surveyor 0 Register all artifacts in the journal! 30
Taco Loves Carrot! Taco Loves Carrot! 0 Feed a carrot to a Psittacosaurus. 10
Gallimimus Dance Party Gallimimus Dance Party 0 Five in one pen? Now that's a party! 10
Zephyr Zephyr 0 Fix all the Windmills. 30
Master Chef Paleo Pines Master Chef Paleo Pines 0 Master your first recipe. 10
One With The Pot One With The Pot 0 Master all recipes! 30
Triassea Picnic Master Triassea Picnic Master 0 Fill the giant pile of food to its maximum capacity. 20
Shenanigan Master Shenanigan Master 0 Get a fast time in hide and seek. 20
Wisdom Day Master Wisdom Day Master 0 Go through 10 leaf piles and win. 20
Living The Cottage Life Living The Cottage Life 0 Place a full Triassic Picnic set on the ranch. 10
One Thousand And One Nights One Thousand And One Nights 0 Decorate a zone of your ranch with Archeo Pelago decor. 10
Water Park Water Park 0 Decorate a zone of your ranch with ponds and fountains. 10
Dino Tractor Dino Tractor 0 Let small dinos do all the work for at least 1 patch of soil. 20
Primadonna Primadonna 0 Make an enormous pen for 1 solitary dino. 20
I Love You I Love You 0 Make a dino totally happy! 10

Secret Achievements

Happy Go Lucky! Happy Go Lucky! 0 Find the other Parasaurolophuses! 50
Teamwork Makes The Dream Work Teamwork Makes The Dream Work 0 Smooth things over between Mari and Owynn. 30
A Hobby A Day Keeps Bongo Away A Hobby A Day Keeps Bongo Away 0 Help Owynn and Bongo make up. 30
A Perfect Paleontologist A Perfect Paleontologist 0 Help Mari with her research on dinosaur herds. 30
But Is It Art? But Is It Art? 0 Find all of Marlo's sculptures. 20
Matters Of The Art Matters Of The Art 0 Help Marlo find work/life balance. 30
Can I Get A Hand Here? Can I Get A Hand Here? 0 Help Granny realise she can ask for help. 30
Family Matters Family Matters 0 Help Avery make up with Granny. 30
Rebrand! Rebrand! 0 Help Pippin rebrand their shop. 30
A Heart Of Stone A Heart Of Stone 0 Help Freya open up to others. 30
The Sands Of Time The Sands Of Time 0 Help Zara uncover history. 30
Style And Substance Style And Substance 0 Help Orani find a new home. 30
Do I Have To? Do I Have To? 0 Clear your first dino poop. 5