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Cassette Beasts Achievements

Full list of Cassette Beasts achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Cassette Beasts has 100 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

This Is The World We Live In This Is The World We Live In 0 Complete the tutorial 10
Counting Sheep Counting Sheep 0 Obtain Bansheep 5
I Want Candy I Want Candy 0 Obtain Candevil 5
Sum of its Parts Sum of its Parts 0 Defeat a Rogue Fusion 10
Monster Mash Monster Mash 0 Defeat a Swarm 5
Gone Rogue Gone Rogue 0 Defeat 5 Rogue Fusions 5
Rogue Cells Rogue Cells 0 Defeat 10 Rogue Fusions 5
Rogues' Gallery Rogues' Gallery 0 Defeat 20 Rogue Fusions 5
Tourist Tourist 0 Visit every part of New Wirral 5
Amateur Zoologist Amateur Zoologist 0 Observe 120 different species 5
Zoologist, pt. I Zoologist, pt. I 0 Obtain 10 different species 10
Zoologist, pt. II Zoologist, pt. II 0 Obtain 20 different species 15
Zoologist, pt. III Zoologist, pt. III 0 Obtain 50 different species 20
Zoologist, pt. IV Zoologist, pt. IV 0 Obtain 100 different species 25
Expert Zoologist Expert Zoologist 0 Obtain 120 different species 50
Cassette Beasts Master Cassette Beasts Master 0 Obtain additional data on every species 50
Spread Your Wings Spread Your Wings 0 Obtain the Mothwing Glide ability 10
Bulletino Dash Bulletino Dash 0 Obtain the Bulletino Dash ability 10
Electric Feel Electric Feel 0 Obtain the Electromagnetism ability 10
Swimming Lessons Swimming Lessons 0 Obtain the Diveal Swim ability 10
Having a Ball Having a Ball 0 Obtain the Pumpkin Vine Ball ability 10
Taking Flight Taking Flight 0 Obtain the Averevoir Flight ability 10
Take Me On, pt. I Take Me On, pt. I 0 Sign up to the Rangers 10
Rumour Mill Rumour Mill 0 Obtain a rumour 10
On the Grapevine On the Grapevine 0 Investigate a rumour 10
Kayleigh Kayleigh 0 Unlock Kayleigh 5
Meredith Meredith 0 Unlock Meredith 5
Eugene Eugene 0 Unlock Eugene 5
Felix Felix 0 Unlock Felix 5
Viola Viola 0 Unlock Viola 5
Barkley Barkley 0 Unlock Barkley 5
Remastery Remastery 0 Remaster a tape 10
I Ran So Far Away, pt. II I Ran So Far Away, pt. II 0 Complete Kayleigh's quest 15
Acting On Your Best Behavior, pt. VI Acting On Your Best Behavior, pt. VI 0 Complete Eugene's quest 10
All I Ever Needed All I Ever Needed 0 Complete Meredith's quest 15
Don't You Want Me, pt. VI Don't You Want Me, pt. VI 0 Complete Felix's quest 15
Come Back and Stay Come Back and Stay 0 Complete Barkley's quest 10
Everybody's Looking for Something Everybody's Looking for Something 0 Complete Viola's quest 10
Let Me Serenade You Let Me Serenade You 0 Get to 5 hearts with Kayleigh 10
Grand Opening Grand Opening 0 Get to 5 hearts with Eugene 10
Movie Night Movie Night 0 Get to 5 hearts with Meredith 10
A Portrait of the Artist A Portrait of the Artist 0 Get to 5 hearts with Felix 10
Dog's Best Friend Dog's Best Friend 0 Get to 5 hearts with Barkley 10
As You Like It As You Like It 0 Get to 5 hearts with Viola 10
Two Hearts Beat as One Two Hearts Beat as One 0 Enter a romantic relationship 10
Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride 0 Reopen every station 25
Rebellion Rebellion 0 Defeat an ancient force brought back to full strength. 50
Land of Confusion Land of Confusion 0 Complete Morgante's song 5
Back Against the Wall Back Against the Wall 0 Defeat Captain Wallace 5
One World's Trash One World's Trash 0 Defeat Captain Skip 5
Sleep It Off Sleep It Off 0 Defeat Captain Zedd 5
Prepare for Anything Prepare for Anything 0 Defeat Captain Judas 5
Winner Takes All Winner Takes All 0 Defeat Captain Clee-O 5
Electrifying Electrifying 0 Defeat Captain Lodestein 5
Beyond the Veil Beyond the Veil 0 Defeat Captain Penny Dreadful 5
On a Knife-Edge On a Knife-Edge 0 Defeat Captain Gladiola 5
Stormy Weather Stormy Weather 0 Defeat Captain Heather 5
Break a Sweat Break a Sweat 0 Defeat Captain Buffy 5
The Radio Star The Radio Star 0 Defeat Captain Cybil 5
Hack The Planet Hack The Planet 0 Defeat Captain Codey 5
Working Overtime Working Overtime 0 Choose a design for Harbourtown's sig 5
On the Hunt On the Hunt 0 Help Hoylake with his research 5
Novice Ranger Novice Ranger 0 Complete 5 noticeboard quests 10
Apprentice Ranger Apprentice Ranger 0 Complete 20 noticeboard quests 25
Diligent Ranger Diligent Ranger 0 Complete 50 noticeboard quests 50
Sticker Collector Sticker Collector 0 Obtain a rare sticker 5

Secret Achievements

Don't Feed After Midnight Don't Feed After Midnight 0 Defeat an Unstable Fusion 5
That's No Moon That's No Moon 0 Defeat an Orb Fusion 5
Fusions on the Radar Fusions on the Radar 0 Get the Fusion Radar 15
Pinnacle of Evolution Pinnacle of Evolution 0 Obtain a monster form thought impossible to find. 10
I Ran So Far Away, pt. I I Ran So Far Away, pt. I 0 Start Kayleigh's quest 10
Acting On Your Best Behavior, pt. V Acting On Your Best Behavior, pt. V 0 Clear 5 Landkeeper offices 25
Don't You Want Me, pt. I Don't You Want Me, pt. I 0 Meet Kuneko 10
Don't You Want Me, pt. V Don't You Want Me, pt. V 0 Meet Kuneko at 4 altars 10
Tempest Tempest 0 Bring Viola to the shipwreck 10
Heed My Words Heed My Words 0 Solve the riddle of Morgante's song. 5
Arrow of Time Arrow of Time 0 Defy all odds in a place between worlds. 10
Angel of Death Angel of Death 0 Defeat Lamento Mori 10
Neoplatonic Solid Neoplatonic Solid 0 Defeat Heckahedron 10
Child of Ego Child of Ego 0 Defeat Alice 10
Master of Puppets Master of Puppets 0 Defeat Poppetox 10
Tower of Ignorance Tower of Ignorance 0 Defeat Babelith 10
Here Comes the Sun Here Comes the Sun 0 Overcome the essence of fusion. 5
The Station Attendant The Station Attendant 0 Meet the one who dutily attends the stations. 5
A Long Way from Home A Long Way from Home 0 Find a helping hand in a place far away. 5
The One Who Lies Beneath The One Who Lies Beneath 0 Come face-to-face with a faceless being. 5
Can't Buy Me Love Can't Buy Me Love 0 Meet the Travelling Merchant 5
Take Me On, pt. II Take Me On, pt. II 0 Defeat Ianthe and become a Ranger Captain 5
How Does It Feel How Does It Feel 0 Help Sunny start a new life 5
Who You Gonna Call? Who You Gonna Call? 0 Defeat a ghost 5
Frankie Goes to Wonderland Frankie Goes to Wonderland 0 Complete Frankie's training 5
Lone Wolf Lone Wolf 0 Complete Vin's training 5
Not What You Wanted Not What You Wanted 0 Find yourself somewhere far away. 5
Real Life Awaits Real Life Awaits 0 Open a door long since thought lost. 5
In Over Your Head In Over Your Head 0 Try to sneak past a battler by jumping over their head 5
Over Before It Began Over Before It Began 0 Win a battle before it starts 5
Death Shall Have No Dominion Death Shall Have No Dominion 0 Win a battle while ghostly 5
Double or Quits Double or Quits 0 Win a battle while Gambit is active 5
Falldown Mall Falldown Mall 0 Bring Meredith to the mall 5
Hero of Another Story Hero of Another Story 0 Prove your worth to a certain warrior. 5