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Age of Wonders 4 Achievements

Full list of Age of Wonders 4 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Age of Wonders 4 has 72 achievements worth 1660 gamerscore

Valley of Wonders Valley of Wonders 0 Complete "Rise of the Godir: Valley of Wonders." 15
Enchanted Archipelago Enchanted Archipelago 0 Complete "Rise of the Godir: The Enchanted Archipelago." 15
Crimson Caldera Crimson Caldera 0 Complete "Rise of the Godir: Crimson Caldera." 15
The Eternal Court The Eternal Court 0 Complete "Rise of the Godir: The Eternal Court." 30
Grexolis Grexolis 0 Complete "Rise of the Godir: Grexolis." 30
One for All, All for One One for All, All for One 0 Complete "Rise of the Godir: Grexolis" without any of your allies getting defeated 60
Returning Circle Returning Circle 0 Recruit all Wizards of Evermore to your Pantheon (Yaka, Nimue, Arachna, Fangir, Artica, and Karissa) 30
Betrayal Most Foul Betrayal Most Foul 0 In "Rise of the Godir: Valley of Wonders," wage war against Sundren 20
I'll Fight You All I'll Fight You All 0 In "Rise of the Godir: Crimson Caldera," defeat all the contesting Godir through regular conquest 20
Snap Out of It! Snap Out of It! 0 In "Rise of the Godir: The Eternal Court," defeat Meandor through regular conquest 20
There Can Only Be One! There Can Only Be One! 0 Reach a Military Victory 15
I've Got Everything I Need Right Here I've Got Everything I Need Right Here 0 Reach an Expansion Victory 15
The Magic That Empowers Me! The Magic That Empowers Me! 0 Reach a Magic Victory 15
Full Ascension Full Ascension 0 Win a game as a Champion 30
Return of the Wizard King Return of the Wizard King 0 Win the game as a Wizard King 30
God Emperor God Emperor 0 Unlock a Tier V Order Affinity tome 20
Lord of Chaos Lord of Chaos 0 Unlock a Tier V Chaos Affinity tome 20
Arch Mage Arch Mage 0 Unlock a Tier V Astral Affinity tome 20
The Creator The Creator 0 Unlock a Tier V Materium Affinity tome 20
The Goddess of Nature The Goddess of Nature 0 Unlock a Tier V Nature Affinity tome 20
Eternal Lord Eternal Lord 0 Unlock a Tier V Shadow Affinity tome 20
Realm Estate Realm Estate 0 Found your first city 15
A Wonderful Discovery A Wonderful Discovery 0 Clear an Ancient Wonder 15
Secret Technique Secret Technique 0 Choose a Signature Skill for a hero 15
Walls Cannot Stop Us Walls Cannot Stop Us 0 Breach a city's walls 15
Bone Peddler Bone Peddler 0 Sell the remains of a hero in the crypt 15
Digging for Treasure Digging for Treasure 0 Excavate a province in the Underground 15
From Friends to Family From Friends to Family 0 Integrate a Free City into your empire 15
Stronger Together Stronger Together 0 Create an alliance with another Ruler 15
Preparation Is Everything Preparation Is Everything 0 Fill all the equipment slots of a single hero 20
Magical Synergy Magical Synergy 0 Complete a collection of Magic Materials 20
My Final Form My Final Form 0 Have your race undergo 3 race transformations 20
Seat of Power Seat of Power 0 Complete all levels of the Wizard's Tower in a Tier 4 Throne City 30
In a Liege of Your Own In a Liege of Your Own 0 Have 20+ Recruitment Points available in the Rally of the Lieges 20
I Want to Break Free I Want to Break Free 0 Renegotiate your freedom after becoming a vassal 20
Fiery Friend Fiery Friend 0 Own a dragon 20
Against the Odds Against the Odds 0 Win a high risk battle using manual combat 30
Manufactured War Manufactured War 0 Start a moderately justified war using fabricated Grievances 20
Impenetrable Fortress Impenetrable Fortress 0 Have a city with at least 150 Fortification Health 20
Intimidation Tactics Intimidation Tactics 0 Cause at least 3 enemy units to rout during a single battle 20
Pruning for Progress Pruning for Progress 0 Unlock all Empire Skills of an Affinity of your choice 20

Secret Achievements

Jack of All Tomes Jack of All Tomes 0 Win the game having unlocked at least 1 tome of each of the 6 Affinities 20
Master of Evilness Master of Evilness 0 Lead a faction of Dark Goblins to victory as a Lord of Chaos 60
The Grey Wizard The Grey Wizard 0 Lead a faction of Halflings to victory as a human Wizard King 60

Age of Wonders 4 - Dragon Dawn

There are 6 achievements with a total of 165 points.

Here be Dragons Here be Dragons 0 Win a game as a Dragon Lord 30
Tipping the Scales Tipping the Scales 0 Acquire the Tome of Evolution and the Tome of Dragons 15
Duality Duality 0 Get a Gold Dragon or an Obsidian Dragon 15
Blood of the Dragon Blood of the Dragon 0 Have a Dragon Lord with a Major Transformation 15
Mighty Hoard Mighty Hoard 0 Have 50 Gold Income from the Dragon Hoard 30
Draconic Connoisseur Draconic Connoisseur 0 Have a Dragon of Fire, Frost, Gold and Obsidian origin 60

Age of Wonders 4: Empires & Ashes

There are 10 achievements with a total of 195 points.

Freed Lands of Manuhari Freed Lands of Manuhari 0 Complete "Empires and Ashes: Freed Lands of Manuhari" 30
Sehiran Oasis Sehiran Oasis 0 Complete "Empires and Ashes: Sehiran Oasis" 30
Prometheus Avenged Prometheus Avenged 0 In "Freed Lands of Manuhari", slay the Warden of Manuhari at least 5 times 15
Chaos Surge Chaos Surge 0 In "Sehiran Oasis", encounter the Chaos Endailon 15
Seal the Deal Seal the Deal 0 Reach a Seals Victory 15
A Conqueror's Cohort A Conqueror's Cohort 0 Use Intimidate 3 times on the same Free City 15
Spoils of War Spoils of War 0 Recruit a unit of tier 3 or higher by subduing them 15
Dawn of the Dread Dawn of the Dread 0 Have an Ironclad use all types of Ammunition in a single battle 15
But this one is mine But this one is mine 0 Forge an item with a custom name 15

Secret Achievements

A Very Special Ring A Very Special Ring 0 Forge a ring with 3 or more infusions, including Universal Camouflage 30

Age of Wonders 4 - Primal Fury

Secret Achievements

Graze Tactics Graze Tactics 0 Consume 6 Flora Obstacles in a single battle 20
Favored by the Spirits Favored by the Spirits 0 Complete a Primal Spirit Quest and become a Primal Avatar 30
Silent Empire Silent Empire 0 Cover one of your city's entire domain in mist 20
Serpentine Storm Serpentine Storm 0 Lead a Naga transformed faction to victory as an Arch Mage 60

Age of Wonders 4 - Eldritch Realms

There are 8 achievements with a total of 170 points.

Tharru'Cath Tharru'Cath 0 Complete "Eldritch Realms: Tharru'Cath" 30
Arcalot Arcalot 0 Complete "Eldritch Realms: Arcalot" 30
Pure Shadow Pure Shadow 0 In "Tharru'Cath", meet the Shadow Endailon 15
Tentacle Throne Tentacle Throne 0 Win a game as an Eldritch Sovereign 15
Cleansed Cleansed 0 Build a Sanctuary Outpost in the Umbral Abyss 15
Umbral Tourist Umbral Tourist 0 Visit all types of Visit Site in the Umbral Abyss in a single playthrough 15
Defogged Defogged 0 Bring an end to the mists in the Toll of Seasons 20

Secret Achievements

All-Devourer All-Devourer 0 Lead an Umbral transformed Insectoid faction to Victory 30