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Evil Wizard Achievements

Full list of Evil Wizard achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Evil Wizard has 43 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Evil Wins! Evil Wins! 0 Complete the game 50
Traitor! Traitor! 0 Make an enemy kill another enemy 15
Quack Quack 0 Find all the rubber ducks 15
Blood Ritual Blood Ritual 0 Upgrade your equipment for the first time 15
I Understood Duck Reference I Understood Duck Reference 0 Add the first rubber duck to your collection 15
Toss a coin to your Wizard Toss a coin to your Wizard 0 Collect a reward from Gregor 15
Master of the Elements Master of the Elements 0 Upgrade the five elements 15
Cheat Code Cheat Code 0 Ask the developers for a cheat code to unlock this achievement 20
Mercenary Mercenary 0 Collect all the rewards from Gregor 30
Geomancer Geomancer 0 Defeat Gaia, The Growing Jade 20
OP OP 0 Upgrade every piece of equipment to the max 20
Blood Bath Blood Bath 0 Kill 300 enemies 20
Executioner Executioner 0 Execute 50 enemies 20
This is Sparta! This is Sparta! 0 Kill 10 enemies by throwing them out of the battlefield 20

Secret Achievements

That was cold That was cold 0 Defeat Hailga, The Sorceress 35
It's Super Effective! It's Super Effective! 0 Defeat Reniart, The Beast Tamer 35
Everything is Permitted Everything is Permitted 0 Defeat Tizio, The Assassin 35
We Are The Champions! We Are The Champions! 0 Defeat Axel Van Gibson, The Warrior 35
Final Boss Defeated! Final Boss Defeated! 0 Defeat Remageht, The Hero 35
Bully! Bully! 0 Throw Igor from the ladder 15
Who let the dogs out? Who let the dogs out? 0 Release Ippo from his cage 20
My Super Power is Money My Super Power is Money 0 Find the Rubber Downey Jr. and The Duck Knight rubber ducks 20
Spartducks Spartducks 0 Find the Duck of War and Duck-117 rubber ducks 20
Souls Like Souls Like 0 Beat the Coliseum 35
Dark Forest Cartographer Dark Forest Cartographer 0 Discover the full Dark Forest's map 20
Dungeon Cartographer Dungeon Cartographer 0 Discover the full Dungeon's map 20
Storeroom Cartographer Storeroom Cartographer 0 Discover the full Storeroom's map 20
Patio Cartographer Patio Cartographer 0 Discover the full Patio's map 20
Laboratory Cartographer Laboratory Cartographer 0 Discover the full Lab's map 20
Roof Cartographer Roof Cartographer 0 Discover the full Roof's map 20
Armory Cartographer Armory Cartographer 0 Discover the full Armory's map 35
Is He Dead Now? Is He Dead Now? 0 Defeat Dr. J. Kill and Mr. B. Ceps 35
Shiny Hunting Shiny Hunting 0 Defeat Black Flarewing 35
The Perfect Disguise The Perfect Disguise 0 Defeat Definitely Not A Monster 20
Pyromancer Pyromancer 0 Defeat Blaze, The Radiant Ruby 20
Cryomancer Cryomancer 0 Defeat Spike, The Frost Sapphire 20
Electromancer Electromancer 0 Defeat Storm, The Sparking Quartz 20
Voidmancer Voidmancer 0 Defeat Surge, The Vibrant Amethyst 20
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0 Defeat a boss without taking damage 20
Alohomora Alohomora 0 Open the laser door inside the lab 20
Or did you....? Or did you....? 0 Discover the real video games' villain killer 20
Graveyard Digger Graveyard Digger 0 Find the burial site 20
May The Quacks Be With You May The Quacks Be With You 0 Find the Obi Duck Kenobi and Duck Vader rubber ducks 20