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Paper Trail Achievements

Full list of Paper Trail achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Paper Trail has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A Clean Sheet A Clean Sheet 0 Complete the game without using hints 100
Folding Under Pressure Folding Under Pressure 0 Complete a new game in under 4 hours 100
Easier On Paper Easier On Paper 0 Find all secrets 100
You and Who's Origami You and Who's Origami 0 Find all the origami 100
Ah, Home Sheet Home! Ah, Home Sheet Home! 0 Collect all Home origami 30
Rocks, Paper, Scissors Rocks, Paper, Scissors 0 Collect all Cave origami 30
Snakes on a Non-Euclidean Plane Snakes on a Non-Euclidean Plane 0 Collect all Swamp origami 30
Creased Lightning Creased Lightning 0 Collect all Forest origami 30
Craftwork Orange Craftwork Orange 0 Collect all Autumn origami 30
Papyrologist Papyrologist 0 Collect all Ruins origami 30
Lara Craft Lara Craft 0 Collect all Temple origami 30
They Sea Me Foldin They Sea Me Foldin 0 Collect all Ocean origami 30
Wrapping Up Wrapping Up 0 Collect all City origami 30
Fold Over a New Leaf Fold Over a New Leaf 0 Complete Home 15
Journey to the Centerfold Journey to the Centerfold 0 Complete Cave 15
Fold your Paper, Alligator Fold your Paper, Alligator 0 Complete Swamp 15
Leaf Me Alone Leaf Me Alone 0 Complete Forest 15
Stop, Drop and Fold Stop, Drop and Fold 0 Complete Autumn 15
Jurassic Fold Jurassic Fold 0 Complete Ruins 15
Holy Sheets Holy Sheets 0 Complete Temple 15
The Fold Man and the Sea The Fold Man and the Sea 0 Complete Ocean 15
Brave New Fold Brave New Fold 0 Complete City 15

Secret Achievements

Peer-Reviewed Paper Peer-Reviewed Paper 0 Graduate University 30
Paper Tail Paper Tail 0 Pet Ollie 15
Deer Diary Deer Diary 0 Find the deer on the bridge 15
Recycled ideas Recycled ideas 0 Find Hue on the reverse 15
A Good Snowman Is Hard To Fold A Good Snowman Is Hard To Fold 0 Knock over the snowman 15
Folding Stones Gather No Moss Folding Stones Gather No Moss 0 Knock over all of the stacked stones 15
Papering the Cracks Papering the Cracks 0 Knock over the vase 15
The Story Unfolds The Story Unfolds 0 Find the memory of Paige and her dad 15
Picture Purr-fect Picture Purr-fect 0 Find the comfy cat 15
Manifold Destiny Manifold Destiny 0 Find the deer in the sky 15
Crumply Old Man Crumply Old Man 0 Annoy Winslow 15
Fold Shoulder Fold Shoulder 0 Release the frog 15