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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Achievements

Full list of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has 73 achievements worth 1200 gamerscore

Touching Lives Touching Lives 0 Completed 10 substories. 14
Saving Lives Saving Lives 0 Completed 20 substories. 14
Living Your Best Life Living Your Best Life 0 Completed 40 substories. 14
Squared Away Squared Away 0 Viewed all of Nanba's Drink Links. 14
No Regrets No Regrets 0 Viewed all of Adachi's Drink Links. 14
Wandering Dragon Wandering Dragon 0 Reached level 10 with Kasuga. 14
Resolute Dragon Resolute Dragon 0 Reached level 30 with Kasuga. 14
Apex Dragon Apex Dragon 0 Reached level 50 with Kasuga. 14
Legendary Dragon Legendary Dragon 0 Reached level 70 with Kasuga. 14
Superhuman Superhuman 0 Raised one of Kasuga's personality stats to max. 14
Metahuman Metahuman 0 Raised all of Kasuga's personality stats to max. 14
Renewed Purpose Renewed Purpose 0 Completed all Life Links. 42
Precious Memories Precious Memories 0 Gathered 30 Memoirs of a Dragon. 14
Abundant Memories Abundant Memories 0 Gathered 70 Memoirs of a Dragon. 14
Funk Goes On Funk Goes On 0 Pushed Kiryu's Soul, Tech, or Body to the max. 14
Alo-Happy as Can Be Alo-Happy as Can Be 0 Experienced 8 activities offered by Alo-Happy Tours. 14
Side Hustle Side Hustle 0 Raised a job to rank 30. 14
Mad Hustle Mad Hustle 0 Raised 3 jobs to rank 30. 14
Ultimate Hustle Ultimate Hustle 0 Raised 7 jobs to rank 30. 14
Pound for Pound Pound for Pound 0 Dialed up Poundmates 30 times. 14
Something from Nothing Something from Nothing 0 Made 10 pieces of gear at Julie's Gearworks. 14
Investing in the Future Investing in the Future 0 Completed all of Julie's investments. 14
Sujimaniac Sujimaniac 0 Registered 100 Sujimon to the Sujidex. 14
Sujimon Sensei Sujimon Sensei 0 Registered 200 Sujimon to the Sujidex. 14
Dungeon Sweeper Dungeon Sweeper 0 Conquered the Yokohama Underground. 14
Ruffians Beware Ruffians Beware 0 Conquered the Hawaiian Haunt. 14
Break It Up! Break It Up! 0 Won 20 raids. 14
Suji League Champion Suji League Champion 0 Completed all Sujimon-related substories. 14
Sujimon Snag 'Em Sujimon Snag 'Em 0 Recruited 10 Sujimon from battle. 14
Prize Fighter Prize Fighter 0 Maxed out a Sujimon's level and friendship. 14
Craftaholic Craftaholic 0 Crafted 100 different pieces of DIY furniture. 14
Island Hospitality Island Hospitality 0 Welcomed 100 guests to Dondoko Island. 14
Dondoko A-Go-Go! Dondoko A-Go-Go! 0 Ran a TV ad on Dondoko Island. 14
Basking in Glory Basking in Glory 0 Transformed Dondoko Island into a 4-star resort. 14
Dondoko Denouement Dondoko Denouement 0 Completed the Dondoko Island story. 14
Having Fun Yet? Having Fun Yet? 0 Played 10 different minigames. 14
License to Skill License to Skill 0 Obtained 10 certificates from the Ounabara Vocational School. 14
30 Mins or It's Free 30 Mins or It's Free 0 Completed all Crazy Delivery courses. 14
Sicko Stopper Sicko Stopper 0 Completed all Sicko Snap courses. 14
Photo Hunter Photo Hunter 0 Took 30 different photos for the Photo Rally. 14
Spirit of Aloha Spirit of Aloha 0 Befriended 50 people through Aloha Links. 14
Don't Hate the Player Don't Hate the Player 0 Met up with 5 people from Miss Match. 14
The Hero Returns The Hero Returns 0 Took up the Hero's mantle in New Game+. 12
Endless Vacation Endless Vacation 0 Completed New Game+. 35
We're Probably the Best! We're Probably the Best! 0 Completed New Game+ on Hard difficulty. 35
We're Definitely the Best! We're Definitely the Best! 0 Completed New Game+ on Legend difficulty. 35
Building Bonds and Making Gains Building Bonds and Making Gains 0 Celebrated your victory over sector one of the Big Swell. 12
Titillating Teamwork Titillating Teamwork 0 Celebrated your victory over sector two of the Big Swell. 12
Kei is for Kinship Kei is for Kinship 0 Celebrated your victory over sector three of the Big Swell. 12
Unboxed Brotherhood Unboxed Brotherhood 0 Celebrated your victory over sector four of the Big Swell. 12
We Did It? We Did It? 0 Celebrated your victory over the fifth and final sector of the Big Swell. 35

Secret Achievements

Back in Action Back in Action 0 Completed Chapter 1. 14
Fish Out of Water Fish Out of Water 0 Completed Chapter 2. 14
Time Marches On Time Marches On 0 Completed Chapter 3. 14
Down and Out Down and Out 0 Completed Chapter 4. 14
Misgivings Misgivings 0 Completed Chapter 5. 14
Hiding in Plain Sight Hiding in Plain Sight 0 Completed Chapter 6. 14
Separate Ways Separate Ways 0 Completed Chapter 7. 14
Layered Lies Layered Lies 0 Completed Chapter 8. 14
Found and Lost Found and Lost 0 Completed Chapter 9. 14
Dying Breed Dying Breed 0 Completed Chapter 10. 14
Reunion Reunion 0 Completed Chapter 11. 14
Holding the Line Holding the Line 0 Completed Chapter 12. 14
Turning the Tides Turning the Tides 0 Completed Chapter 13. 14
The Man Who Regained His Name The Man Who Regained His Name 0 Completed the final chapter. 90
Missing Words Missing Words 0 Viewed all of Saeko's Drink Links. 14
Breaking Free Breaking Free 0 Viewed all of Joongi's Drink Links. 14
Starting Fresh Starting Fresh 0 Viewed all of Zhao's Drink Links. 14
Rest Assured Rest Assured 0 Viewed all of Chitose's Drink Links. 14
Letting Go Letting Go 0 Viewed all of Tomizawa's Drink Links. 14
Commanding Respect Commanding Respect 0 Viewed all of Seonhee's Drink Links. 14
Not a Total Waste Not a Total Waste 0 Obtained an item from a toilet bowl. 14
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Somewhere Over the Rainbow 0 Photographed a rainbow in the skies of Hawaii. 14