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Persona 3 Reload Achievements

Full list of Persona 3 Reload achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Persona 3 Reload has 48 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Fool's Journey The Fool's Journey 0 Obtained 10 Major Arcana during Shuffle Time. 15
Distinguished Visitor Distinguished Visitor 0 Invited Elizabeth to your room. 40
Top of the Class Top of the Class 0 Aced an exam. 40
A Legacy of Friendships A Legacy of Friendships 0 Maxed out all Social Links. 60
People Person People Person 0 Unlocked all Social Links. 15
That Special Someone That Special Someone 0 Nurtured a romance. 40
Unbreakable Link Unbreakable Link 0 Maxed out one Social Link. 40
The Power of Choice The Power of Choice 0 Obtained 10 Personas during Shuffle Time. 15
There's No "I" in "Team" There's No "I" in "Team" 0 Performed a Shift. 10
The Strength of Our Hearts The Strength of Our Hearts 0 Used all teammates' Theurgy. 40
Extracurricular Excellence Extracurricular Excellence 0 Rescued a missing person. 10
Get a Load of Those Numbers! Get a Load of Those Numbers! 0 Dealt over 999 damage in a single attack (All-Out Attacks excluded). 15
Shrouded Assassin Shrouded Assassin 0 Initiated 50 Chance Encounters. 15
The Thrill of the Hunt The Thrill of the Hunt 0 Defeated a rare, golden enemy. 10
Making the Dream Work Making the Dream Work 0 Performed 50 All-Out Attacks. 15
Glimpse of the Depths Glimpse of the Depths 0 Discovered and conquered 10 Monad doors. 15
Briefcase Burglar Briefcase Burglar 0 Opened 50 treasure chests. 15
Shattered Plumes Shattered Plumes 0 Used a total of 50 Twilight Fragments. 15
The Horror of the Shade The Horror of the Shade 0 Encountered a Dark Zone in Tartarus. 10
Reaper Reaped Reaper Reaped 0 Defeated the Reaper. 60
The First of Many The First of Many 0 Performed a Dyad Fusion. 10
Fusion Artisan Fusion Artisan 0 Performed a fusion with three or more Personas. 15
Birthday Present Birthday Present 0 Obtained an item from a Persona Conception. 15
Path to Salvation Path to Salvation 0 Fused Messiah. 60
Tempting Fate Tempting Fate 0 Triggered a skill change during fusion. 15
Eat Your Veggies, Peas! Eat Your Veggies, Peas! 0 Harvested a crop that you grew with your teammates. 15
The Grindset Mindset The Grindset Mindset 0 Earned over a total of 50,000 yen from part-time jobs. 15
Specialist Specialist 0 Maxed out one Social Stat. 15
Peak Performance Peak Performance 0 Maxed out all Social Stats. 40
Dorm Life Dorm Life 0 Spent an evening in the dorm with a teammate. 10
Gourmand Gourmand 0 Ordered from the secret menu at the Iwatodai strip mall at night. 15
Benevolent Purr-tector Benevolent Purr-tector 0 Nursed a cat back to full health. 15
In High Demand In High Demand 0 Accepted an invitation to hang out five times. 15
Beyond the Darkness Beyond the Darkness 0 Unlocked access to the remaining Major Arcana. 15
Through Thick and Thin Through Thick and Thin 0 Unlocked a teammate's Combat Characteristic. 15
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye 0 Acquired every Twilight Fragment in town. 15

Secret Achievements

Awakened Power Awakened Power 0 Obtained Orpheus. 15
SEES the Day SEES the Day 0 Joined the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad. 15
Back on Track Back on Track 0 Defeated the Priestess. 15
Empowered Protector Empowered Protector 0 Defeated the Empress and Emperor. 15
Never Toy with Matters of the Heart Never Toy with Matters of the Heart 0 Defeated the Hierophant and the Lovers. 15
Armor Disarmed Armor Disarmed 0 Defeated the Chariot and Justice. 15
Dodging Lightning Dodging Lightning 0 Defeated the Hermit. 15
Twist of Fate Twist of Fate 0 Defeated Fortune and Strength. 15
A Sense of Finality A Sense of Finality 0 Defeated the Hanged Man. 15
The Great Seal The Great Seal 0 Sealed Nyx. 15
From Shadows into Light From Shadows into Light 0 Watched the good ending. 40
A Newfound Strength A Newfound Strength 0 Awakened all teammates' ultimate Personas. 15