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Mystery Castle Achievements

Full list of Mystery Castle achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mystery Castle has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Dangerous Liason Dangerous Liason 0 Caught by a golem. 10
Spooky Sleep Spooky Sleep 0 Caught by a ghost. 10
Burnt to a Crisp Burnt to a Crisp 0 Burnt to death on lava. 10
Immortalised Immortalised 0 Turned to stone by an Eye Spy. 10
Downfall Downfall 0 Fell into the bottomless abyss. 10
An Epic Meltdown An Epic Meltdown 0 Defeated the Monster Baron in the Fortress Underground. 75
An Icy Grave An Icy Grave 0 Defeat the Monster Baron in the Frozen Citadel. 75
An Enchanting Evening An Enchanting Evening 0 Defeated the Monster Baron in the Enchanted Tower. 75
Oriental Oblivion Oriental Oblivion 0 Defeated the Monster Baron in The Mystical Pagoda. 75
A Grave Matter A Grave Matter 0 Defeated the Monster Baron in The Tomb of Fear. 75
Open Sesame Open Sesame 0 Opened a door with a magical key. 20
Teleportation Teleportation 0 Teleported from one place to another. 20
Transmutation Transmutation 0 Transformed yourself into a bat, frog or troll. 20
Possession Possession 0 Possessed a golem or a ghost. 20
Alchemy Alchemy 0 Drank a potion. 20
Walk on Water Walk on Water 0 Slid over ice. 25
Leadership Leadership 0 Made a golem push a box. 25
Secret Finder Secret Finder 0 Found a hidden path. 25
Switched On Switched On 0 Pushed down a floor switch. 25
Demolitions Demolitions 0 Detonated a bomb. 25
Bridge Builder Bridge Builder 0 Pushed 250 wooden boxes, ice blocks or metal crates into the abyss. 50
Locksmith Locksmith 0 Opened 100 doors. 50
Pilgrim Pilgrim 0 Visited 5 different castles. 50
Daredevil Daredevil 0 Walked over 500 cracked floor tiles. 50
Supreme Genius Supreme Genius 0 Solved every room! 150