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GunWorld 2 Achievements

Full list of GunWorld 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

GunWorld 2 has 26 achievements worth 1400 gamerscore

The Adventure Begins The Adventure Begins 0 One Gamerscore? Uh-oh, that's going to upset some people... 1
Whisper On The Wind Whisper On The Wind 0 Just kidding, here's the other 4 Gamerscore. I told you I wouldn't do that again! 4
Gunworld's Greatest GunMan Gunworld's Greatest GunMan 0 You found Dwayne in the Outlands. 5
All Iguana Do Is Have Fun All Iguana Do Is Have Fun 0 Captured Sala-Man-Der. 25
Dwayne Will Always Rein King Dwayne Will Always Rein King 0 Captured Nightmare. 25
Things Aren't Working Out Things Aren't Working Out 0 Captured Buff-Alo 25
Giddy Up Giddy Up 0 Assembled the GunHorse. 5
Rocket Propelled Navigator Rocket Propelled Navigator 0 Captured Crocketdile. 25
Heating Up Heating Up 0 Captured Mi-Crow-Wave. 25
Double Vision Double Vision 0 Captured Mirror Kat. 25
Maximum GunMan Maximum GunMan 0 Reached the level cap. 60
A Full Wardrobe A Full Wardrobe 0 Purchased every piece of gear from the GunMan's Armoire. 110
Scrooge McEagle Scrooge McEagle 0 Amassed 20,000 Gold at one time. 120
Endangered Species Endangered Species 0 Completed the campaign without buying Royal Eagles. 100
Back In My Day Back In My Day 0 Cleared Old-School Mode. 100
Trials Of The GunMan Trials Of The GunMan 0 Completed a Level Rush session. 150
GunMen Can't Swim GunMen Can't Swim 0 I told you, GunMen can't swim. They drown. 5
Law Of The Land Law Of The Land 0 Visited Sheriff Lawbird after locking up The Exaction Faction in the Crimeatorium. 5
Team Fat Team Fat 0 You found Ryan, the winner of the Kinda Funny cameo giveaway. 10
Speedy Mr. Forest Guy Speedy Mr. Forest Guy 0 Complete QueenFate Forest Stage 1 in Under 60 seconds. 100
Speedy Mr. Manor Guy Speedy Mr. Manor Guy 0 Complete Dwayne's Manor Stage 1 in under 67 seconds. 100
Speedy Mr. Gym Guy Speedy Mr. Gym Guy 0 Complete Steers of Steel Stage 1 in 84 seconds. 100
Speedy Mr. Belfry Guy Speedy Mr. Belfry Guy 0 Complete Deadmoon Belfry Stage 1 in 146 seconds. 100

Secret Achievements

Where No GunMan Has Gone Before Where No GunMan Has Gone Before 0 Traveled through Commander Yesterday's Time Portal. 25
Till The Soil With Vengeance Till The Soil With Vengeance 0 Defeated Commander Yesterday and The Exaction Faction, created the universe, and saved GunWorld. 100
It Should Be Ill-Eagle It Should Be Ill-Eagle 0 You unlocked the Super Torpeagle Rifle! 50