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TREPANG2 Achievements

Full list of TREPANG2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

TREPANG2 has 49 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Erase Your Light Erase Your Light 0 Escape from Site 14 10
Take Your Flight Take Your Flight 0 Complete Level: Pandora Institute 10
To A Place Where You Will Be Remembered To A Place Where You Will Be Remembered 0 Complete Level: Jorvik Castle 10
To A Place Where You Will Be... To A Place Where You Will Be... 0 Complete Level: Site 83 10
..Loved ..Loved 0 Completed Level: Horizon HQ 10
TREPANG2 TREPANG2 0 Break The Cycle 40
Not So Hard Not So Hard 0 Complete all campaign and side missions on Hard difficulty or higher 65
Supersoldier Supersoldier 0 Complete all campaign and side missions on Very Hard difficulty or higher 100
Subject 106 Subject 106 0 Complete all campaign and side missions on Extreme difficulty or higher 100
Unbreakable Will Unbreakable Will 0 Complete all campaign and side missions on Rage Mode difficulty. 100
Complexity Complexity 0 Complete Level: Gunnarson Complex 10
Spelunker Spelunker 0 Complete Level: Kellington Colliery 10
Oil Spill Oil Spill 0 Complete Level: Oil Rig 10
IT Specialist IT Specialist 0 Complete Level: Iron Dragon Data Center 10
Dark Secrets Dark Secrets 0 Complete Level: Unidentified Structure 10
Lost and Found Lost and Found 0 Complete Level: Crash Site 10
Smol Brain Smol Brain 0 Collect 50% of all intel docs 20
Big Brain Big Brain 0 Collect all intel docs 50
Average Weapons Enjoyer Average Weapons Enjoyer 0 Acquire all weapon parts 50
Trepangus Trepangus 0 Throw an enemy into the vent in the first combat encounter in Site 14 10
Average Weapons Fan Average Weapons Fan 0 Use a weapon bench to customize a weapon for the first time 5
You Monster! You Monster! 0 Throw a TF27 soldier into the helicopter blades in Site 14 15
You’re Paying For Their Surgery! You’re Paying For Their Surgery! 0 Kill all TF27 soldiers in Site 14 10
Dry Party Dry Party 0 Destroy 100 beer/wine bottles 10
50 shades of burnt 50 shades of burnt 0 Destroy 1000 cultist books 10
TrePayne TrePayne 0 Acquire the dual wield serum 10
Slide Into Your DMs Slide Into Your DMs 0 Slide into an enemy and grab him while he’s ragdolled 10
You're a Firework! You're a Firework! 0 Shoot an enemy while he’s thrown as a hostage grenade, detonating his grenade 10
Efficient Efficient 0 Use every bullet in a pistol magazine to get headshot kills 15
That Was a Close One! That Was a Close One! 0 Kill an enemy with a headshot on final bullet in the mag 10
Solid 106 Solid 106 0 Stealth kill an entire squad without anyone becoming alerted 10
Stylish Stylish 0 Grab an enemy, throw and kill him with a headshot 10
Oh Snap! Oh Snap! 0 Execute your first hostage 10
JuggerNOT JuggerNOT 0 Kill a heavy soldier 10
How’s That Helmet Working? How’s That Helmet Working? 0 Kill an enemy by shooting through his helmet with a DMR 10
Cost Effective Cost Effective 0 Kill 3 enemies with 1 grenade 10
Backfired Backfired 0 Shoot an enemy’s thrown grenade, killing him with it 10
Stick Around Stick Around 0 Kill an enemy with a tomahawk 10
Think Fast! Think Fast! 0 Kill an enemy with a flashbang impact 10
Flashlight! Flashlight! 0 Alert an enemy by shining a flashlight from behind, shoot him before he turns around 10

Secret Achievements

The Truth The Truth 0 Let the world know 10
One Last Mission One Last Mission 0 106 is reborn 10
Emersus Emersus 0 Eviscerate Dr. Emerson’s corpse 10
Pest Control Pest Control 0 Kill the Mothman 20
XCI XCI 0 Kill the Patriarch 20
LXXVIII LXXVIII 0 Kill the Horizon CEO 20
CVI CVI 0 Cycle 106 comes to an end 20
CV CV 0 Collect the Syndicate coin “CV” 20
XCV XCV 0 Collect the Syndicate coin “XCV” 20