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Greyhill Incident Achievements

Full list of Greyhill Incident achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Greyhill Incident has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Mhhmmm... Delicious Mhhmmm... Delicious 0 Pick up the Manza-Manza Soda 15
The Government knows it! The Government knows it! 0 Watch the TV News till the end 15
Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch 0 Finish Talk with Mr. Black 15
Movie of the year Movie of the year 0 Pick up Keys Cameron VHS 30
The Lunatic The Lunatic 0 Meet Bob 30
They're Here They're Here 0 Aliens landed 30
Picasso Picasso 0 Pick up Joe's drawing 30
The Police! The Police! 0 Police arrive in Greyhill 15
You're a lead prober! You're a lead prober! 0 The first Killed Alien 80
You nailed it! You nailed it! 0 Bring the nails to Bob 15
Coward Coward 0 Hide somewhere 30
This is Our World! This is Our World! 0 Knock an Alien with the Bat 80
Ammo Saver Ammo Saver 0 Revolver Drum full of Ammo 90
Tin-foil Collector Tin-foil Collector 0 Find 5 pieces of tin-foil 15
Dumb idea Dumb idea 0 Meet Amy 30
Defender of the outer dimension Defender of the outer dimension 0 Free Matt 30
Amen Amen 0 End of Father Graham's speech 30
Apone Apone 0 Find Apone 30
The Government is lying! The Government is lying! 0 Pick up Government Conspiracy Book 90
Mechanic Mechanic 0 Repair the telecom Pedestal 15
The Mysterious man The Mysterious man 0 Call the mysterious man 90
Mr Lafleche Mr Lafleche 0 Enter Mr Lafleche's veranda 15
The Crazy Girl The Crazy Girl 0 Meet Rachel 30
I want some of them I want some of them 0 Rachel's Teddy with the tin foil hat 30
Come with me if you want to believe Come with me if you want to believe 0 Bob drives into the barn 30
Invader Invader 0 The Ending 90