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Death Becomes You Achievements

Full list of Death Becomes You achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Death Becomes You has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Daniella Daniella 0 You spoke to Daniella at her office. 35
Alice Alice 0 You visited Alice at her dorm room. 35
Apolline Apolline 0 You ran into Apolline in the forest. 35
Sophie Sophie 0 You found Sophie in the library. 35
First Investigation First Investigation 0 You selected your first investigation. 35
The new Head Mentor The new Head Mentor 0 You caught Daniella at a bad time. 35
The Substitute Mentor The Substitute Mentor 0 Apolline likes beverages. 35
The Prodigy The Prodigy 0 Your magic was siphoned by Sophie. 35
The Rabbit The Rabbit 0 You lost the anchor between the physical and mental realms while chasing Sophie. 35
Apolline's enchantment Apolline's enchantment 0 You were put to sleep. 35
Daniella's crystal taxidermy Daniella's crystal taxidermy 0 You were preserved in sculpture form. 35
Alice's elementals Alice's elementals 0 You fell to a magic that Lyra looked down on. 35
Sophie's psychokinesis Sophie's psychokinesis 0 Thanks to Lyra, your magic was ripped out. 35
Necromancy Necromancy 0 You did not change the perspective of the other side. 35
Stuck in Wonderland Stuck in Wonderland 0 You failed to change the otherside's perspective. 35
True End True End 0 The Push 35
Sophie, Alice, and I Sophie, Alice, and I 0 Independence. 35
Daniella, Apolline, and I Daniella, Apolline, and I 0 We'll lean on each other. 35
Coffee Coffee 0 Could manipulation get people todo the right thing? 35
Mind notes Mind notes 0 The artist is dead; long live thebeholder. 35
Feather Feather 0 A friend and a good luck charm. 35
Taxidermy Taxidermy 0 You cannot rule those who feel toofamiliar. 35
Herbal Medicine Herbal Medicine 0 Can we only be either pure ortainted? 35
Cake Cake 0 The past is in shadow. 35
Novel Novel 0 Is it so bad to be so selfish in one'screations? 35
Crochet Crochet 0 If we don’t hunger, we don’t work. 35
A new year A new year 0 From mentee to mentor. 90