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Dead by Daylight - Alien Achievements

Full list of Dead by Daylight - Alien achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dead by Daylight - Alien has 6 achievements worth 130 gamerscore

Terror of LV-426 Terror of LV-426 0 In public matches, hit 30 Survivors using a Tail attack. 20
Disarm and Dismember Disarm and Dismember 0 In public matches, hit 50 Survivors holding a Special Item. 40
Adept Xenomorph Adept Xenomorph 0 Achieve a merciless victory with The Xenomorph using only its 3 unique perks in a public match. 20
MU/TH/UR Dearest MU/TH/UR Dearest 0 In a public match, complete the generator at the mess hall and escape. 20
Kitted Out Kitted Out 0 In 35 different public matches, pick up and use at least one Special Item as a Survivor. 10
Adept Ripley Adept Ripley 0 Escape with Ellen Ripley using only her 3 unique perks in a public match. 20

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