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HammerHelm Achievements

Full list of HammerHelm achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

HammerHelm has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A New Home A New Home 0 Place a house 25
Lumberjack Lumberjack 0 Chop down a tree 25
Craft Weapon Craft Weapon 0 Craft any weapon 30
Miner Miner Miner Miner 0 Mine three ore rocks 25
Potion Potion 0 Craft a healing potion 25
Shields Up Shields Up 0 Craft a shield 30
Farming Farming 0 Place a farm and assign a farmer 30
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter 0 Destroy four monster camps 30
Cave Clearer Cave Clearer 0 Clear monsters from a cave 30
Dungeon Destroyer Dungeon Destroyer 0 Destroy monsters in a dungeon 30
Gone Fishing Gone Fishing 0 Place a fishing pier and assign a fisherman 30
Walls of Stone Walls of Stone 0 Place a stone entrance 30
Shaydee Business Shaydee Business 0 Meet Shaydee the Goblin 30
Tall as a Tower Tall as a Tower 0 Place four stone towers 30
Ready for Battle Ready for Battle 0 Place a weaponsmith and an armorsmith 30
Bustling Town Bustling Town 0 Place 10 houses 30
Copper Armor Copper Armor 0 Craft a full set of copper armor 30
Iron Armor Iron Armor 0 Craft a full set of iron armor 30
Jade Armor Jade Armor 0 Craft a full set of jade armor 30
Gold Armor Gold Armor 0 Craft a full set of gold armor 30
Diamond Armor Diamond Armor 0 Craft a full set of diamond armor 30
Blood Stone Armor Blood Stone Armor 0 Craft a full set of blood stone armor 30
Mighty Weapon Mighty Weapon 0 Imbue a weapon using a gem 30
Drink Up Drink Up 0 Place a brewery and assign a brewer 30
Necromancer Necromancer 0 Destroy a necromancer 75
Fully Furnished Fully Furnished 0 Have a carpenter and 3 fully furnished homes 30
Grrrumble Grrrumble 0 Meet Grrrumble and learn his story 75
Sewers Sewers 0 Place a sewer entrance 30
Chimney Chimney 0 Have a Stonemason craft a fireplace 30
Skill Up Skill Up 0 Spend 5 skill points 30
All's Well All's Well 0 Place a Water Well 30