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Funtasia Achievements

Full list of Funtasia achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Funtasia has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The diver The diver 0 Die 10 times in water 25
Low battery Low battery 0 Die 10 times from low battery 25
The Nut The Nut 0 Die crushed (by a press) 50
Mastrolindo Mastrolindo 0 Use the Cleaner 20 times 25
Kangaroo Kangaroo 0 Use the Jumper 20 times 25
1h du Mans 1h du Mans 0 Complete a track and unlock the skin 100
You are a hero You are a hero 0 Defeat a boss and unlock the skin 100
Dollah Vacuum Dollah Vacuum 0 Collect the required coins in a track to unlock the skin 100
Escudo Escudo 0 Fully upgrade a car 50
Tropichedelia Tropichedelia 0 Defeat the Tropichedelia boss 50
Tumble Dumble Ranch Tumble Dumble Ranch 0 Defeat the Tumble Dumble Ranch boss 50
Junky Funky Junky Funky 0 Defeat the Junky Funky boss 50
Nosferatown Nosferatown 0 Defeat the Nosferatown boss 50
Baby Land Baby Land 0 Defeat the Baby Land boss 50
DJungle DJungle 0 Defeat the DJungle boss 50
Zen Garden Zen Garden 0 Defeat the Zen Garden boss 50
Kellwasser Park Kellwasser Park 0 Defeat the Kellwasser Park boss 50
Ice-o-Land Ice-o-Land 0 Defeat the Ice-o-Land boss 50
Planet H Planet H 0 Defeat the Planet H boss 50