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A Perfect Day Achievements

Full list of A Perfect Day achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

A Perfect Day has 53 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

New Boy New Boy 0 Song Jian launched A Perfect Day 100
A Pipe Dream A Pipe Dream 0 Address Yang Fan's regret 30
A Fish Out of Water A Fish Out of Water 0 Hide Guo Yi's misery 30
Any Beer Bottles for Sale Any Beer Bottles for Sale 0 Stealing? It is a deal! 30
Sweet Dream Sweet Dream 0 Fulfill dad's wish 30
Live a Dashing Life Live a Dashing Life 0 Realize uncle's dream 30
Afterward Afterward 0 Look into Ke Yun's future 30
Future Master Future Master 0 Achieve Ol' Ge's desire 30
Beyond the Stream Beyond the Stream 0 Where is the poet, beyond the stream 30
In Our Time In Our Time 0 Before leaving the earth, accomplish every wish! 30
Starry Night Starry Night 0 Starry night accompanies you home 30
Love in a Lifetime Love in a Lifetime 0 Xiao Fang met Big Cao 10
Against the Clock Against the Clock 0 Become the king of slot cars in Zhen'hua 30
Cross Question Cross Question 0 Huh, 500k points reached in Wanrio?!! 30
Full of Zeal Full of Zeal 0 Huh, 200k points reached in The Duo?!! 30
Best in World Best in World 0 Perseverance prevails! 10
Childhood Memory Childhood Memory 0 Unlock all Lil' Xeno Cards! 10
This is Our Youth This is Our Youth 0 Gather all Lil' Xeno Cards! 30
You Deserve It! You Deserve It! 0 You are an expert in collecting items! 90
Time Out of Mind Time Out of Mind 0 Obtain the Aluminium Pot! Great! 10
Nostalgia Nostalgia 0 Obtain the Grandpa's Metal Box 10
Good Fortune Good Fortune 0 I'm a little treasure hunter at home. I've found all five 10 Yuan notes! 10
On a Roll On a Roll 0 Tell the correct lottery ticket number 10
Hometour Hometour 0 Search all corners of the home 10
Your Sweetness Your Sweetness 0 Take Ke Yun to run away 10
At the Ferry At the Ferry 0 Succeed in sending the greeting card 10
Hard as Nails Hard as Nails 0 Cai Bao, take this! 10

Secret Achievements

My Dearest My Dearest 0 Help granny experience tastes of life 10
A Helping Hand A Helping Hand 0 Help Mr. Yang go upstairs at a stretch 10
happy 2000 happy 2000 0 Big Cao met Xiao Fang 10
A Coward A Coward 0 Get acquainted with the boss of Butterfly Gang 10
Ask for the Moon Ask for the Moon 0 Catch on the ultimate secret of the Internet and the moon 10
Sooner or Later Sooner or Later 0 Find out the truth regarding Brainiac Cream 10
Heroic Dream Heroic Dream 0 Subdue Butterfly Gang without bloodshed, Ms. Qi is so cool! 10
Sail Before the Wind Sail Before the Wind 0 Congratulations!!! Almost 500k points reached! 10
Paddle My Own Canoe Paddle My Own Canoe 0 Congratulations!!! Almost 200k points reached! 10
Dragon Punch Dragon Punch 0 Complete the Ult Move successfully 10
Happy Express Happy Express 0 Yoyo - Sleep around the clock 10
Ode to the Ordinary Ode to the Ordinary 0 The actions and tracks of all the figures are all under control! 30
Better Days Are Ahead! Better Days Are Ahead! 0 Try to throw away Flying Saucers - Post-modern Special Edition 10
Sweet as Honey Sweet as Honey 0 Give the orange lollipop to Guo Yi 10
A Closed Book A Closed Book 0 Give up sending the greeting card to Ke Yun 10
Cloudy Day Cloudy Day 0 Have an imperfect day 10
Take Your Time Take Your Time 0 Soft fire makes sweet malt 10
Sunshine After Rain Sunshine After Rain 0 Another world in the other side of Urban Lament 10
Back to Square One Back to Square One 0 Back to the gone past 10
Last Dance Last Dance 0 Ke Yun is away and gone 10
A Dumb Boy A Dumb Boy 0 The buck stops here 10
Twinkling Stars Twinkling Stars 0 Song Jian and Song Kang are waiting for their dad 10
Point of No Return Point of No Return 0 Bring dad into the pit of pyramid scheme 10
Myriads of Changes Myriads of Changes 0 Open Mr. Bai's envelope 10
Stuck in the Middle Stuck in the Middle 0 When having a meal with Ke Yun, notice Yang Fan outside the window 10
We Are Friends We Are Friends 0 Just leave them alone, for the sake of friendship 10