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Murder Is Game Over Achievements

Full list of Murder Is Game Over achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Murder Is Game Over has 12 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Pet the cat Pet the cat 0 Pet the cat, either as Cleo or Guy. 30
Beat the arcade game boss Beat the arcade game boss 0 Play the arcade mini-game and beat the boss monster. 70
Bear encounter Bear encounter 0 Approach the bear in the woods. 90
Play the organ Play the organ 0 Cleo plays a song on the pipe organ. 90
Unsafe basement Unsafe basement 0 void getting hit by falling debris in the castle basement. 90
Meet the gaming club member Meet the gaming club member 0 Speak to the community college gaming club member in the cemetery. 90
Open roof door Open roof door 0 Open the door leading to the roof, which was forced shut. 90
Press barricade Press barricade 0 Speak to the fireman who is barricading the press from the crime scene, on the mountain road. 90
Find 30 doggie bags (ending) Find 30 doggie bags (ending) 0 Get the good ending where you find 30 doggie bags. 90
Find the castle treasure (ending) Find the castle treasure (ending) 0 Get the good ending where you find Herr Ludwig's treasure. 90
Armor mouse Armor mouse 0 Find the little mouse that is responsible for the moving armor. 90
Identify the guilty (ending) Identify the guilty (ending) 0 Identify the guilty during the denouement 90