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Pharaonic Achievements

Full list of Pharaonic achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Pharaonic has 56 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Set Maat Set Maat 0 Escaped the dungeons and reached Set Maat, The Place of Truth 10
Valley of Kings Valley of Kings 0 Entered the Valley of Kings, formerly sacred Burial Grounds 10
Oasis of Shedet Oasis of Shedet 0 Found the Oasis of Shedet, source of Life-Water 10
Royal Quarry Royal Quarry 0 Got past the Oasis and reached the Royal Quarry 10
Halls of Stone Halls of Stone 0 Got to the Halls of Stone, where stone abominations roam free 10
Nile Delta Nile Delta 0 Arrived at the Nile Delta, a rich and fertile region 15
City of Avaris City of Avaris 0 Traversed the Nile Delta and got to Avaris 15
City of Thebes City of Thebes 0 Found the 4 keys and entered the Great City of Thebes 15
Royal Palace Royal Palace 0 Managed to make your way to the palace 15
Iä and Qraqen Iä and Qraqen 0 Killed Iä and Qraqen 20
Oannes, Satrapess of Avaris Oannes, Satrapess of Avaris 0 Killed Oannes, Satrapess of Avaris 40
Atencraft shabti Atencraft shabti 0 Destroyed the Atencraft shabti 20
Easy victory Easy victory 0 Defeat the Warden with your torch 15
Nice catch Nice catch 0 Killed an enemy with the fishing rod 10
Flawless victory Flawless victory 0 Defeat a boss without getting hit 15
A heavy bag of money A heavy bag of money 0 Save 40000 silver kidets 15
Mysterious traveller Mysterious traveller 0 Reach Level 5 10
Skilled fighter Skilled fighter 0 Reach Level 10 15
Veteran warrior Veteran warrior 0 Reach Level 20 15
A true hero A true hero 0 Reach Level 30 20
Oops! Oops! 0 Kill an enemy with a trap 10
Globetrotter Globetrotter 0 Found all the Heka Steles 15
Master of the Arts Master of the Arts 0 Get a Skill to the max level 15
Kheti, Veteran Medjay Captain Kheti, Veteran Medjay Captain 0 Get Kheti out of his jail 10
Pratchnefer, uneasy mother Pratchnefer, uneasy mother 0 Bring Pratchnefer news about her daughter 10
Sherybin, Medjay Deserter Sherybin, Medjay Deserter 0 Complete Sherybin's request 10
The Merchant Goods The Merchant Goods 0 Give the Merchant Goods to either Mentmose or Kafy 10
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan 0 Help a man in need in the Oasis 10
The last wish The last wish 0 Give the family heirlooms back to her owner 10
The fisherwoman The fisherwoman 0 Recover the fisherwoman's fishing rod 10
The command baton The command baton 0 Recover the Naval Commander's Command baton 10
A half deben A half deben 0 Give the lotus-eater money for his addiction 10
The lost earrings The lost earrings 0 Bring Werenro her earrings 10
A safe way out A safe way out 0 Give Takharu a full Thebes soldier set 10
A shiny thing A shiny thing 0 Do a trade with the Catatonic Survivor in the Halls of Stone 10
The weight of a feather The weight of a feather 0 Die for the first time 10
No pain no gain No pain no gain 0 Die 10 times 10
Getting used to it Getting used to it 0 Die 25 times 10
A sacred task A sacred task 0 Kill 25 enemies 10
For the greater good For the greater good 0 Kill 50 enemies 15
Soul harvester Soul harvester 0 Kill 100 enemies 20
Quick reflexes Quick reflexes 0 Perform 20 successful parries 10
The Black Pharaoh The Black Pharaoh 0 Help Astarte become the new ruler of Egypt 40

Secret Achievements

The Warden The Warden 0 Killed The Warden, Tyrant of the sacrificial dungeons 40
Senen, Captain of Set Maat Senen, Captain of Set Maat 0 Killed Senen, Captain of Set Maat 20
Senakhtenre, forgotten Pharaoh Senakhtenre, forgotten Pharaoh 0 Killed Senakhtenre, forgotten Pharaoh 20
Theseus, Wanax of Mycenae Theseus, Wanax of Mycenae 0 Killed Theseus, Wanax of Mycenae 20
Queen Circe Queen Circe 0 Killed Queen Circe, Overlady of Aeaea 40
Penamun, corrupted stonemason Penamun, corrupted stonemason 0 Killed Penamun, corrupted stonemason 20
War Golem War Golem 0 Destroyed the War Golem 40
By a hair's breadth By a hair's breadth 0 Defeated a boss with almost no health left 10
The last drop The last drop 0 Died while trying to drink from your canteen 10
Treacherous little things Treacherous little things 0 Died on a trap 10
The Red Pharaoh The Red Pharaoh 0 Killed Ahmosis I, Master of the Two Lands 100
Master of the Thousand Lands Master of the Thousand Lands 0 Become the new ruler of Egypt 40
Ripe for the harvest Ripe for the harvest 0 You have brought chaos upon the Two Lands 40