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Easy Red 2 Achievements

Full list of Easy Red 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Easy Red 2 has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A Clear Path A Clear Path 0 Destroy a tank using an AT gun 25
Impignorate Impignorate 0 Kill a teammate 25
A Day Survival A Day Survival 0 Complete the whole Anzio chapter without dying 50
Another Chance Another Chance 0 Save a tank crew after their tank is disabled 25
Battlefield's Conquest Battlefield's Conquest 0 Destroy 10 enemy tanks using the artillery 25
Camp 'n Dump Camp 'n Dump 0 Be AFK for an entire game 25
Cavalry is here Cavalry is here 0 While driving a tank, support an infantry squad 25
Deadly Sniper Deadly Sniper 0 Stop an infantry assault by killing 50 enemies 25
Ding! Ding! 0 Get 100 headshots from enemies who have their helmets on 25
Dog Tag Collector Dog Tag Collector 0 Collect all unique dog tags 25
Emmetropia Emmetropia 0 Kill an enemy from a very far distance 25
Flatline Flatline 0 Die for no reason by killing yourself 25
Freeze Freeze 0 Capture 10 enemy soldiers 25
Gobbledygook Gobbledygook 0 Get near the enemies and try to understand what they say 25
Granate! Granate! 0 Kill 3 Germans with a single grenade 25
I'm a Chad I'm a Chad 0 Get 250 kills 25
I'm a Rat I'm a Rat 0 Loot 100 enemies 25
Last Fight Last Fight 0 Get 10 kills with a pistol after emptying your primary weapon 25
Medic Boy Medic Boy 0 Revive 20 soldiers 25
Radio Boy Radio Boy 0 Use radio HQ to request support 25
Scrumptious Scrumptious 0 Eat something 25
Smokephobia Smokephobia 0 Call smoke artillery 5 times 25
Wasteful Gunner Wasteful Gunner 0 Empty all your magazines 25
What a Runner! What a Runner! 0 The more you sprint the better runner you are 25
Flying Ace Flying Ace 0 Take down 5 enemy aircrafts/planes 25
Hero of all fronts Hero of all fronts 0 Complete all campaigns 25
Watch out for the blast! Watch out for the blast! 0 Blow up Roi-Namur's torpedo storage 25
The longest day The longest day 0 Complete the whole Overlord chapter without dying 50
Sunny holiday Sunny holiday 0 Complete the whole Kwajalein chapter without dying 50
Aegean Dodecanese Aegean Dodecanese 0 Complete the whole Kos chapter without dying 50
"Nuts!" -Anthony McAuliffe "Nuts!" -Anthony McAuliffe 0 Complete the whole Ardennes (1940 and 1944) chapters without dying 50
Not one step back Not one step back 0 Complete the whole Stalingrad chapter without dying 50
Makin' it to the shore Makin' it to the shore 0 Complete the whole Makin chapter without dying 50