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Colorful Boi Achievements

Full list of Colorful Boi achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Colorful Boi has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Do you even have a life? Do you even have a life? 0 Epic endurance! True gamer spirit shines! 30
I have no words... I have no words... 0 Achievement leaves us speechless! Well done! 30
Okay Okay 0 Solid progress! Okay turns into hooray! 30
Not bad... Not bad... 0 Scaling success! Not just good, you're great! 30
Still easy right? Still easy right? 0 Effortless wins! You're breezing through challenges! 30
Tutorial Master Tutorial Master 0 Basics mastered! You're officially in the game! 30
The Collector The Collector 0 Every treasure found! You're the collecting master! 30
Color circles Color circles 0 Circle savvy! Rounded up every last one! 30
I kinda like them I kinda like them 0 Collectibles caught! Your liking leads to success! 30
Bubbly colors Bubbly colors 0 Bubble hunter! You've popped to success! 30
They look funny They look funny 0 Funny and found! You've collected smiles achievements! 30
Maybe they are important Maybe they are important 0 Curiosity wins! Every 'maybe' now a 'definitely'! 30
What are those? What are those? 0 Mystery master! Your keen eye misses nothing! 30
Now what? Now what? 0 Pause and win! Sometimes waiting is winning! 30
I love them I love them 0 Jump pad joy! Bouncing all the way to victory! 30
Let me fly Let me fly 0 Flight of fancy! Soaring high on every jump! 30
Hopa Hopa 0 Hop to it! Your leaps lead to laurels! 30
Living hammer Living hammer 0 Smashing success! Blocks be gone, achievements won! 30
Blocks where? Blocks where? 0 Path clearer! Blocks out, achievements in! 30
Weeak Weeak 0 Strong smasher! Weak blocks have met their match! 30
Still standing Still standing 0 Unwavering gamer! Standing tall, you conquer all! 30
Getting better Getting better 0 Up and up! Your gaming's getting grander! 30
Keanu is that you? Keanu is that you? 0 Neo-level dodging! You've evaded every pitfall! 30
That's more like it That's more like it 0 Finding your stride! Each level, a leap forward! 30
Hero Hero 0 Level legend! Not a single stumble! 30
Muskles Muskles 0 Jumping giant! Each leap a powerful bound! 30
Getting stronger Getting stronger 0 Leaping ahead! Every jump builds your legend! 30
Jumper Jumper 0 First jump's a joy! Bounce begins a journey! 30
Jump Jump 0 First jump's a joy! Bounce begins a journey! 30
Thats too much Thats too much 0 Persistence pays! Every fall's a new rise! 30
This can't be happening This can't be happening 0 Unstoppable spirit! Each setback, a setup for comeback! 30
Again? Again? 0 Tenacious trier! Your resolve reaps rewards! 30
Oh... Oh... 0 Die for the first time! 40