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Armikrog Achievements

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There are 18 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Mongrel Watcher Mongrel Watcher 0 Watch all of the Mongrel window movies 30
Baby Wrangler Baby Wrangler 0 Find P 30
Zipkicker Zipkicker 0 Activate/enter the first Zipkicker 40
Clue Scholar Clue Scholar 0 Solve the puzzle in the Scaley Room 50
Astro Sleuth Astro Sleuth 0 Solve 5 Puzzles 50
Historian Historian 0 Read all of the stories in Hall of Heroes (click each of the 8 panels) 50
Vice PresidANT Vice PresidANT 0 Solve the JeffersAnt Puzzle (give him the feather) 50
Blind Visionary Blind Visionary 0 Use Beak Beak to discover the Hall of Heroes Names 50
Ghostly Advisor Ghostly Advisor 0 Use all Father Statues 50
Robot Builder Robot Builder 0 Solve the Robot Puzzle 50
Mega Astro Sleuth Mega Astro Sleuth 0 Solve 10 Puzzles 50
P-tonium Power P-tonium Power 0 Collect all P-tonium Pieces from P 50
Debablelizer Debablelizer 0 Pull lever to activate language translations 50
Heart Mechanic Heart Mechanic 0 Start All 4 Engines 50
Code Breaker Code Breaker 0 Solve the console puzzle in Emerald Room 50
The Hero The Hero 0 Beat the Game 100
Big Zipkicker Big Zipkicker 0 Find the Hot Rod Zipkicker 100
The Ultimate Hero The Ultimate Hero 0 Beat the Game having solved all puzzles and find Hot Rod Zipkicker 100