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Kingdom: New Lands Achievements

Full list of Kingdom: New Lands achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Kingdom: New Lands has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

On The First Day… On The First Day… 0 On the first day you recruited eight archers. 40
On The Second Day… On The Second Day… 0 On the second day you got free walls. 40
On The Third Day… On The Third Day… 0 On the third day you started your camp. 40
On The Fourth Day… On The Fourth Day… 0 By the fourth day you hunted 20 or more deer. 40
For Five Days... For Five Days... 0 For five days you didn't kill anything. 40
By The Sixth Day… By The Sixth Day… 0 By the sixth day you had more gold than you could carry. 40
By The Seventh Day… By The Seventh Day… 0 By the seventh day you cleared an acre of land. 40
On The Eighth Day… On The Eighth Day… 0 Until the eighth day you never dropped a coin on the ground. 40
On The Ninth Day… On The Ninth Day… 0 Until the ninth day you never galloped. 40
On The Tenth Day… On The Tenth Day… 0 By the tenth day you destroyed a portal. 40
Day V Day V 0 Survive Day 5. 20
Day X Day X 0 Survive Day 10. 20
Day XV Day XV 0 Survive Day 15. 20
Day XX Day XX 0 Survive Day 20. 20
Day XXV Day XXV 0 Survive Day 25. 20
Day XXX Day XXX 0 Survive Day 30. 20
Day XXXV Day XXXV 0 Survive Day 35. 20
Day XL Day XL 0 Survive Day 40. 20
Day XLV Day XLV 0 Survive Day 45. 20
Day L Day L 0 Survive Day 50. 20
Day LX Day LX 0 Survive Day 60. 20
Day LXX Day LXX 0 Survive Day 70. 20
Day LXXX Day LXXX 0 Survive Day 80. 20
Day XC Day XC 0 Survive Day 90. 20
Day C Day C 0 Survive Day 100. 20
Maiden Voyage Maiden Voyage 0 Build the boat and escape the first land before day 10. 30
Smooth Sailing Smooth Sailing 0 Build the boat and escape the second land before day 15. 30
Stormy Waters Stormy Waters 0 Build the boat and escape the third land before day 20. 30
Reef The Main Reef The Main 0 Build the boat and escape the fourth land before day 25. 30
All Hands on Deck All Hands on Deck 0 Build the boat and escape the fifth land before day 30. 30
Crowned Crowned 0 Escape the final land and earn the crown. 40
Birth of a Reign Birth of a Reign 0 Win your first game. 30
Interior Decoration Interior Decoration 0 Earn some antlers to decorate your coat of arms. 40
Heraldic Achievement Heraldic Achievement 0 Have a reign that spans five lands. 40