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Ben-Hur Achievements

Full list of Ben-Hur achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ben-Hur has 10 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Ben-Hur's Redemption Ben-Hur's Redemption 0 Complete a season of racing. 150
Falcon's Swiftness Falcon's Swiftness 0 Finish a lap in under 120 seconds 50
Falcon's Ascension Falcon's Ascension 0 Finish a lap in under 60 seconds. 75
Spoils of the Victor Spoils of the Victor 0 Destroy an enemy chariot. 50
Executioner's Touch Executioner's Touch 0 Destroy all enemy chariots, in a single race. 100
Emperor's Glory Emperor's Glory 0 Destroy all the enemy chariots, in every race of a season. 200
Mercury's Touch Mercury's Touch 0 Finish first in a race. 100
Mercury's Gale Mercury's Gale 0 Finish first in a race, without using a health potion. 150
Gauntlet of Might Gauntlet of Might 0 Destroy an enemy chariot, with a whip attack. 50
Emperor's Gauntlet Emperor's Gauntlet 0 Destroy 5 x enemy chariots, with whip attacks. 75