Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove Achievements

Humanature Studios
Adult Swim Games

There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Flying Present Catcher Flying Present Catcher 0 Collect a locked present 15
Truly Evil Truly Evil 0 Send an identified bad present to another player 15
I'm a Total Saint I'm a Total Saint 0 Use Heal Friend Present on another player 10 times in one game 15
Boom Box Baby Boom Box Baby 0 Use The Boom Box 4 times 15
Hi Fiver Hi Fiver 0 Hi Five another player 3 times in one game 15
Struck by Love Struck by Love 0 Get hit by Cupid's arrow 5 times in one game 15
Old School Jammin Old School Jammin 0 Play as both old Skool TJ and as Old Skool Earl 15
Ridiculoulsy Generous Ridiculoulsy Generous 0 Give a life to another player 3 times in one game 15
Fool Me Twice Fool Me Twice 0 Go for a ride in the Evil Elevator twice in one game 15
Harsh Love Harsh Love 0 Make other player snap out of being in love by slapping them 15
Wakey Wakey Wakey Wakey 0 Make other player wake up by shouting at them 15
Map Explorer Map Explorer 0 Uncover all the map tiles for at least 5 levels within one game 15
Piece o' Cake Piece o' Cake 0 Complete a fixed world game 15
Made It Through Made It Through 0 Complete a random world game 15
Teamwork Rules Teamwork Rules 0 Complete a game with a friend (local or online) 15
Nine Funkotronians Nine Funkotronians 0 Play as each of the playable characters 15
Rhythm Star Rhythm Star 0 Beat the 5th level in Rhythm Matching 15
Sunflower Master Sunflower Master 0 Hide in sunflowers 4 times in a game when being chased by an Earthling 15
Broken Present Risk Taker Broken Present Risk Taker 0 Successfully open 10 broken presents in one game 15
Why Do I Keep Doing That? Why Do I Keep Doing That? 0 Have 10 broken presents blow up on you in one game 15
Boom Box Wipeout Boom Box Wipeout 0 Pop 8 or more Earthlings who are dancing at a boombox in one game 15
Gimme My Presents Back! Gimme My Presents Back! 0 Pop a mole who has stolen one or more of your presents 15
Food Taster Food Taster 0 Eat every type of food in the game in a single play through 15
A Timely Splash A Timely Splash 0 Save yourself from burning up by jumping in water 15
Backer Visitor Backer Visitor 0 Visit a backer character 15
Cleaning Out Santa's Sack Cleaning Out Santa's Sack 0 Catch Santa 3 times in one game 15
Elf Chaser Elf Chaser 0 Catch 5 elves in one game 15
Mad Hatter Mad Hatter 0 Unlock all power hats 70
Hey, you did it! Hey, you did it! 0 Complete hard world 15
Can't Touch This Can't Touch This 0 Beat normal or hard world without dying 90
Pacifist Victory Pacifist Victory 0 Beat normal or hard world without popping a single Earthling 30
The Worst Possible Luck The Worst Possible Luck 0 Open an unidentified Major Randomizer, Total Bummer, or Instant Demotion after level 20 30
Is This Really Possible? Is This Really Possible? 0 Beat normal or hard world without opening a single present 90
Found All The Backers! Found All The Backers! 0 Visit every backer character 15

Secret Achievements

Thrill Seeker Thrill Seeker 0 Open unidentified presents 15 or more times in one game 15
Hate that Randomizer Hate that Randomizer 0 Open the Major Randomizer or Baby Randomizer 3 times in one game 15
Totally Bummed Again Totally Bummed Again 0 Open the Total Bummer twice in one game 15
Fall Fest Fall Fest 0 Fall off current level 5 times in one game 15
HFZ Goober HFZ Goober 0 Hit and leave through the very first exit in the Hyper Funk Zone 15
I Can't Believe I've Done This I Can't Believe I've Done This 0 Get a game over before level 3 15
Level Diver Level Diver 0 Get to hot tub island 15
Feet on Funkotron Feet on Funkotron 0 Get to secret Funkotron Level via a secret doorway 15
99 Problems (but a buck ain't one) 99 Problems (but a buck ain't one) 0 Have 99 bucks 15
Beaten by a Little Girl Beaten by a Little Girl 0 Get killed by a Little Girl with a Teddy 15
Flying Present Ultimate Master Flying Present Ultimate Master 0 Collect all of the locked presents 30
Lord of the HFZ Lord of the HFZ 0 Reach the end of the HyperFunk Zone 30
Gotta Get 'em All Gotta Get 'em All 0 Pop at least one of every bad Earthling type in one game 30
FunkLord Power FunkLord Power 0 Reach the rank of FunkLord 15