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Stories of Bethem: Full Moon Achievements

Find all the Stories of Bethem: Full Moon achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Noob Wizard Noob Wizard 0 Get the first bracelet. 5
Apprentice of wizard Apprentice of wizard 0 Get the second bracelet. 15
Wizard Wizard 0 Get the third bracelet. 20
Good wizard Good wizard 0 Get the fourth bracelet. 30
Professional wizard Professional wizard 0 Get the fifth bracelet. 50
Master of wizards Master of wizards 0 Get the sixth bracelet. 75
Oneiric Power Oneiric Power 0 Get the eight Oneiric Objects to save your father. 20
Orbs and more orbs Orbs and more orbs 0 Learn all the spells. 25
Suited Khoma Suited Khoma 0 Get all the costumes for Khoma. 30
Aura Master Aura Master 0 Reveal 24 monster auras. 15
Historian of Bethem Historian of Bethem 0 Find all the Bethem History Book chapters. 25
Truffle Seeker Truffle Seeker 0 Find all the truffles. 30
The Red Pearls The Red Pearls 0 Find all the Red Pearls. 15
Candy Store Candy Store 0 Find all the Happy Candies. 30
Khoma, the trader Khoma, the trader 0 Complete the trade quest. 25
Portal Traveler Portal Traveler 0 Enable all the Bethem Portals. 25
Culture for all! Culture for all! 0 Complete the Great Museum. 30
Soul Rescuer Soul Rescuer 0 Rescue all the Lost Souls. 10
Derry Statue Derry Statue 0 Unlock the Derry statue at the museum. 10
Human Statue Human Statue 0 Unlock the Human statue at the museum. 5
God of Fire God of Fire 0 Find the Shrine of Enfy and unlock his statue. 15
Goddess of Earth Goddess of Earth 0 Find the Shrine of Ungra and unlock her statue. 15
Goddess of Water Goddess of Water 0 Find the Shrine of Cejuy and unlock her statue. 15
Bethem Guardian Statue Bethem Guardian Statue 0 Unlock the Bethem Guardian statue at the museum. 20
Dad, I'm famous! Dad, I'm famous! 0 Join the Bethem VIP Club. 50
The Rescuer The Rescuer 0 Defeat the Blue Witch. 25
Master of the Moon Master of the Moon 0 Complete the Glory Mode. 50
Full Moon Full Moon 0 Complete the Glory Mode fully. 25
Aura Hunter Aura Hunter 0 Reveal 5 monster auras. 10
Aura Researcher Aura Researcher 0 Reveal 15 monster auras. 10

Secret Achievements

Hero Wizard Hero Wizard 0 Get the last bracelet. 100
God of Wind God of Wind 0 Meet Daymir and unlock his statue. 10
The Eternal War Hero The Eternal War Hero 0 Meet the Eternal War Hero and unlock her statue. 20
Truffler Statue Truffler Statue 0 Meet Truffly and unlock her statue. 20
The fate of Khoma The fate of Khoma 0 Complete the game. 35
The Aura King The Aura King 0 Reveal all the monster auras. 30
I don't like flowers I don't like flowers 0 Discover the Poison Flower and reveal its aura. 15
Cutie and sweet! Cutie and sweet! 0 Discover the Sweetbomb and reveal its aura. 15
Hello? Hello? 0 Discover the Poison BoobyBoo and reveal its aura. 15
The constipated rock The constipated rock 0 Discover the Rocky and reveal its aura. 15